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Jan 27, 2002 12:20 PM

Any Romantic Restaurants in L.A.?

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Special romantic reunion coming up- Looking for a restaurant with: a good wine list, great martinis, excellent innovative cusine and a warm candle lite upscale, unhurried atmosphere (and possibly w/with booths)...

Any suggestions?

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  1. You bet.

    In no particular order:

    Bel Air (Hotel) Restaurant
    Il Cielo (mostly patio)
    Off Vine
    Chez Mimi
    Michael's (on the patio)
    La Cachette
    Four Oaks

    Hope these help.


    1. Chianti on Melrose. Dark booths, real old school. But don't let them seat you in the more casual "cucina." Four Oaks is romantic, as recommended below.

      1. Without question, in LA it is Valentino. Outstanding food, OUTSTANDING wine, and excellent ambience. Don't be surprised if Pierro Selvaggio himself seats you. I have sooooo many really warm memories of this meals at this restaurant. It is worth the drive to West LA. It is the only one in LA, in my view, which rises to the level of the special occasion you are looking forward to.

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          A recent visit to Valentino as a Christmas gift from our nephews found the food so so, the service very spotty (the waiter asked five times what brand of vodka was requested, ie he came back five times)and the chairs needed re upholstering, no padding, we were all shifting around. A visit to the ladies confirmed we weren't the only ones disillusioned - same order of veal chop had come too rare. I felt encouraged that the room was almost full in the face of less than robust economic times BUT I wish we had a reason to go back.

          1. re: Zoe
            Jon Leventhal

            While regulars and VIPs may get amazing meals at Valentino, I've been about 1/2 dozen times over the past 10 years and never been impressed. Yes, the wine list is amazing, but with BYOB in LA who cares? The ambiance is dull, lifeless, and a little tired. As for the service, the first two times I went we actually got up to leave because we hadn't been waited on for 15 minutes after being seated.

            As for the food, I've never had an amazing dish there - some decent, some truly awful.


            PS. As for why I've gone 6 times, its always been business on someone's expense account.

            1. re: Jon Leventhal
              Leslie Brenner

              Jon, thanks for posting. This is just a gentle reminder not to change subject title unless you really intend to change the subject. To do so is very confusing for users of Hot Posts (a great feature that you should check out, if you haven't yet...).

            2. re: Zoe

              After being checked into the potted palm several times by Piero himself groveling after some 2nd AD from the studio of the moment & being roundly ignored while awaiting generally excellent but not memorable food, La Grubina & mio have not returned to Valentino in years. Nor will we.

              1. re: Zoe

                Second the sentiments in general.

            3. m
              More of Everything

              One place which I've never seen a post on, but has a romantic atmosphere is La Boheme in W. Hollywood. I've only been there for drinks, so I can't comment on their food.
              What made it seem like a great place for a romantic dinner is the big fireplace in the center of the room, and the private booths with curtains.

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              1. re: More of Everything

                La Boheme is one of my favorites spots. I don't even know how many lunches and dinners that I've had there.

                Of late, thought I think it's "food rankings" have seemed to slip a bit.

                It's a beautiful space. One of the coolest in town, but it's not the most intimate and cozy of spots. The patio is fun -- I had my 30th birthday bash there with 50 friends.

                Inside is the best, but again, it's a vast room. Two and half stories tall inside. Even in the boothes you still feel a little on display. I'd scout it out first before settling on it to make sure it's for you and your situation.