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Feb 22, 2008 07:59 AM

Portland and Surrounding:Good Food, Good Drinks and...TVs?

Looking for THE spot to take some friends tonight for drinks, dinner and a late-night Celtics game vs the Suns...The ideal spot would have 1. local beers on draft 2. a kitchen that's open late(ish) and 3. a wide enough menu to please all kinds of eaters- vegetarian, gluten-free and Shaq size appetites alike...

Any ideas????

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  1. Try the Foreside Tavern in Falmouth. Food and beer is pretty good and varied.

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      Ugh...only serivng until 10...(but when Esau was running their kitchen, I loved thier fried oysters!)

    2. You could try Sebago Brewing Co. They're in the Old Port, in South Portland by the mall, and in Gorham. I know they have a bar menu, but I don't know how late they're open.

      1. I wonder how late Norm's East End Grill serves... if you sit at the bar upstairs, you could see the TV, and I bet they'd have the Celts on anyway.

        1. The best sports bar in town, with the most high definition TVs and the best food is Rivalries, on Cotton Street...

          1. Downtown Lounge! Great food and drinks and the new manager loooooves the Celtics.