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Feb 22, 2008 07:41 AM

Best Steak in Collingwood/Blue Mountain

Any suggestions?

Thanks in Advance

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  1. I've heard that Oliver & Bonacini in the new Weston hotel is great (haven't been myself). I went to a place that's 10 mins away from Blue Mountain called Sisi on Main and enjoyed it there.

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      NOT RECOMMENDED - I don't even know how they could open another restaurant. I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the quality of food during my visit to Blue Mountain. While the service was still good, the food service was extremely SLOW ...our reservation was after the evening rush. While we ordered different items from the menu and they were alright but we still couldn't understand why we could be served soup that was BURNT. Yes, it tasted burnt. And for main course served ONE hour later, the Fusili with chicken was like Chicken Noodle Soup. I spoken with Allison, the Assistant of Marketing and Communications and she said there was supposed to be a little broth - it was not a little broth. An overall disappointment.

    2. If you've got time for a short drive I'd suggest Ted's Range Road Diner which is just a little north of Meaford. They specialize in all kinds of game meat and they really know how to cook it. I had an amazing bison steak there last year. Don't be put off by the look of the place from the outside and I'd recommend calling for reservations since they get quite busy. There's a review and photos here:

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        Torontovore... you are lucky! We went to Ted's, waited over an hour for our food on a seemingly not busy night, with no explaination of why, or even an offer to refill our drink. When we finally got our food it was AWFUL. Truly the worst meal I have ever had. (and being a mom, usually anything anyone ELSE cooks is fine with me!) I was looking so forward to it and it was so very disappointing. On a brighter note, the B&B we stayed at, Irish Mountain, right near there, was wonderful, I'd highly recommend it!

        1. re: missmouse

          I feel bad that I recommended the place after your experience. Did you go recently? What did you order?
          I'll make sure I find time this summer to try them again. Maybe I was just lucky last time.

      2. Rockdell steak Tavern off the highway used to be suprisingly yummy. I haven't been there in years so I can't fully vouch for it anymore. It looks shady from the outside but is clean and homey once your'e in. An old school family run resto. Nice sauteed mushrooms and salad bar with pickles. It's a local secret. If it's as good as it once was, you may be in luck.

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        1. re: food face

          Go to the Rockdell if you like a big slab of beef cooked perfectly with a beautifully cooked baked potato and overcooked/non-existent veg. If you are a meat eater you will be in heaven. Vegetarians (or even those who like greens) beware! Their salad bar - the last time I was in - had lettuce, pickles, carrots and celery. But if you want a steak and nothing but - it's perfect. Plus, the service is terrific.

        2. Isn't that like asking for the best sushi in Smith's Falls? Okay, apart from the regional sniping, Kaytoo does a decent steak, usually fairly closely cooked to order; and the Pottery gives you the 50's feel with current pricing, but solidly executed.

          1. Although I’ve never been, Largo in Thornbury has certainly established itself as the food destination in the Blue Mountain area. I’m sure they’d have steak - and going on reviews it'd likely be a good one.

            Always been curious about Rockdell, but never checked it out….

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              Yes Largo is the best upscale resto in the Blue Mountain/C-Wood area. An unexpected treat. It is your safest bet if you can afford it. Usually mains are between $35-45. The portions are massive for high end cuisine, enough to share with an app. Everything including the steak is divine.