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Feb 22, 2008 07:32 AM

A Land Remembered steakhouse in Orlando - I wish I could forget!!

I was recently at a business conference at the Rosen Shingle Creek resort in Orlando. While there we visited the Land Remembered steakhouse as it touted prime beef from Harris ranch in CA.

Short summary - place is not worth the high $$ . . . stay away!

I ordered the Porterhouse medium rare. Server told me they cooked the steak in 1,800* ovens and it would have a nice charred crust. When the steak was delivered the waiter told me the plate was very hot (which of course good steak houses do). However, the plate was not sizzling and in fact when I touched the plate it was warm at best (what a joke). Then I noticed the steak had no crust whatsoever. Oh well, I took a bite. It was fairly bland, surprisingly tough, and obviously was not salted at all.

I would never ever go back. They simply do not know how to cook steak. Sad to say I have had better steak at Outback. Admittedly I am a steak connoisseur and have high standards. If this restaurant was in NYC it would be out of business in a week. Simply awful

Again, very very expensive (which is ok if you get great steak), meat is tough, no salt, plate is barely warm and worst part is there is no crust . . . looks like the steak was baked not broiled.

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  1. Sorry about your experience,

    However, it is the policy of some of the finer Steakhouses who Dry Age their meats to NOT apply salt or any seasonings to the steaks before or after cooking. The belief is to let the meat stand on it's own. I completely understand the rest of your disappointment regarding the crust on steaks. Many place sear the meats and finish off in the oven. Some do it better than others.

    I am curious though, if you were so truly disappointed, why didn't you voice your concerns. BTW.....I have experienced the same as you......but I generally do not send back food unless it is over-cooked to the point I cannot enjoy it. I prefer Medium-Rare temperature, but I will accept Medium.....thus, no complaining from choice is to decide whether to return for a second chance or not.

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      zarandle...Welcome to the world of being taken by a tourist trap.We all have experienced...Many cities that thrive on tourism don't give a crap....Here one day, gone the next. Not to say that these cities don't have great restaurants. Example that i have fallen for. Myrtle Beach buffets. Luckily I have found chowhound ,and have not been fooled for many years. I hope you find a better experience in your next travels

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        Actually I did voice my concern. I sent my steak back and asked them to try and put a crust on it. I even said it was ok to cook it to medium. Once again it returned with zero crust. I also had to salt my steak table side . . . which is fine as you say however all they had was typical morton's table salt and not kosher which is flaky and melts quickly.

        I ate the steak and told them when they were clearing the table that I was not impressed and couldn't recommend this place to anyone. Server then asked the others in my party how there steak was and they all kind of shrugged and simply said it was ok but not spectacular. Waiter did nothing, no free desserts, no apologies, nothing.

        In the end they will probably do fine for the average business traveler who does not wish to leave the hotel for a meal. But any steak connoisseur should stay away.

        As reference my favorite steak places in the US are Del Frisco's Double Eagle steak house (simply tops), Metropolitan Grill in Seattle, The Metropolitan club in Boston, Capital Grille, Abe and Louises in Boston, and Peter Lugers in Brooklyn. This place is not in the top 50.

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          I would agree on Del Frisco's, especially in Orlando. It's a little old and weathered, but that's what memories are. I always have it on the list for my Orlando trips.

          1. re: fourunder

            I'm going there next week for my girlfriend's birthday! I can't wait! I've only been once before, but it was THE finest steak I've ever had.

            1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou


              Unless you want to order it for the novelty......or you have money to burn..........pass on the Australian Lobster Tail......chewy, tasteless(even with butter....just order butter if you must) and expensive to learn a lesson.

              1. re: fourunder

                I'm not going to be paying, but I've never been a big lobster tail guy anyway, especially at steakhouses. I know their fried oysters are top-notch, though.

                1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

                  Voodoo Lou, can you post your Del Frisco's experience? I've been hearing mixed steak reviews of late.


                  1. re: winechic

                    I'll definitely report back after I go next week.