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Feb 22, 2008 07:31 AM

Divino in Bethesda

I might be going here tonight with some girlfriends before seeing a play. None of us have been before but we all love tapas/small plates.

Is it any good? Any recommendations? Do you think we will have a problem getting a table for 5 around 6:30pm on a Friday?

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  1. I've never been, but I've also never seen anyone go in, or out, of that place on my many 2mph trips up and down Wisconsin Ave. during typical happy hour hours.

    1. You shouldnt have a problem at 630. They get a late nite crowd with salsa dancing. I don't remember the food being bad or good. For small plates in Bethesda, my choice would be Jaleo for tapas and Bacchus or Levantes for mezze .

      You may want to check out the new Bice which just opened in the Old Homestead location last week. I hear they have a nice bar and app menu.

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      1. re: keithdcil

        We need something right next the metro if at all possible. Because a few people will be running late and we will be going to a play near the Roadhouse Theater. I'm completly unfamilar with the area. Our other choice is Daily Grill.

        I know Jaleo and Bacchus is's just not close enough I think.

        1. re: Elyssa

          Especially with a group meeting up... you are correct to stay closeby. FYI - I suggested the new Bice b/c it is in the building right next door to the Roundhouse theater. But The Daily grill is in the Hyatt across the street (food is straight forward classic american) and never seems crowded and Divino is a block north (i remeber good wines) and doesn't get crowded till later. Wherever you meet up, have a nice evening and enjoy the show.

      2. I had dinner for the first time at Divino last night and really enjoyed it! Knowing in advance that we were going to an Argentinian restaurant I planned on ordering some sort of beef and wasn't disappointed by either the menu choices or the delicious, cooked to my liking, steak which I received. Service was friendly and very efficient (we had theatre tickets and told our server so at the start of the meal.) Although I rarely get out to Bethesda, my partner and I decided afterward that we would like to try Divino again in the future.

        My question for any regular patrons of the restaurant is regarding the Paella. I was oh so happy to see that they offer a variety of paellas on the menu, but with our time constraints I knew that ordering a dish which takes over a half hour to prepare and serve would have been foolish. So, does anybody have an opinion to share about the paella dishes at Divino? Are they able to deliver an authentic dish with that yummy socarrat (the crunchy rice on the bottom!!) lining the pan? Please share, and if you have other recommendations for restaurants that serve Paella in DC, those are welcome also!

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        1. re: Jamonportodos

          I have no idea why DIVINO is not more crowded on a regular basis, as I had a great meal there! (This was a few years ago.) I have been wanting to return but have not made it so far. It is a refreshing change from JALEO. Another tapas recommendation is NEYLA in Georgetown. Do not know if NEYLA serves paella.

          1. re: chicken kabob

            Probably because greasy, overcooked or sometimes burnt meat does not appeal to many, that's why. I went there several times with friends of various nationalities, including for a salsa evening, only because I was invited. Never on my dime!

          2. re: Jamonportodos

            I've tried Divino several times and would not recommend the Paella, nor the restaurant. Modern atmosphere, poor food.