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Feb 22, 2008 07:26 AM

Mississauga restaurant suggestions

Seems Mississauga lacks truly good creative fine food and is left with its old stand bys.I need a great food experience. Cost not really an object.Good wine list.Consistant kitchen. Will travel a little. Is there anything new?. Has anyone tried Bistro Matisse?

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  1. Not new but a restaurant I've always enjoyed is Rogues on Dundas West. I particularly like this spot when they have their annual game festival.

    1. If you dont mind the drive, Thyme restaurant in Oakville is very good also there is Jonathans of Oakville. If downtown Burlington is not to far you can try Spencers at the waterfront, have not been here but herd good things.

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        Agree with your recommendation of Thyme. We had a wonderful meal there last year. Spencers in Burlington is a good restaurant but some of the dishes are rather hit and miss. Personally, if Burlington is a consideration, I would choose Trendz in this price range, or... for a really special dining experience, the choice, without doubt is Blacktree. Big prices but chef Matteo earned his stripes at several of the fine downtown T.O. restaurants. Menu changes monthly.

      2. Trattoria Timone, is right on the border of Mississauga and Oakville. In the AMC complex at Winston Churchill and QEW. The menu is great and the wine list is very extensive. If you are going on the weekend, you'll need reservations for sure. The service is very unique for the area...more professional than the average restaurant in the area.

        Let me know if you decide to go, love to hear what people think.