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Feb 22, 2008 07:18 AM

Looking for terrific orange marmalade

I posted last week and didn't get any response, so I'm hoping a more general post will get more feedback. (It's so sad when your posts are ignored!)

I finally opened a jar of Christine Ferber orange marmalade that I got in Paris about a year ago and it is so wonderful. I actually get a little excited when I'm slicing a baguette or opening a yogurt because I know I'm going to use some. (I know, pathetic.)

My original post was asking where else I might be able to get it besides Paris (I live in NYC) since they don't seem to sell it online. I don't think there is anywhere else to get it, though.

So...I'd love suggestions on really good orange marmalade. What I loved about this stuff is that it doesn't have huge chunks of peel and it's not gelatinous. It's actually pretty soft and creamy, has the requisite orange flavor and bitterness and just sweet enough. Can anyone suggest an adequate replacement?


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  1. My all-time favorite orange marmalade is the Dundee Orange Marmalade that comes in the stone jar. I was pleased to find it at Trader Joe's on 14th street.

    You might give that a try.

    I will have to look for the Christine Ferber, either here, Paris, or on line!

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      Dundees is good but they've evidently taken some of the shreds out and made it with more liquid and thickened that. Still tastes great, though. Trader Joes had a knock-off of it for far less and you might try that, too. Another great one was from Tiptree and Sons, and there was/ is also a Roses from the people who make Roses LimeJuice for cocktails.

    2. You know, I want to like orange marmalade, but the regular store brands (smuckers, etc.) definitely leave something to be desired. Is the high-end stuff much different from the regular stuff, or is it likely that I wouldn't like it regardless (since I'm not too crazy about store brands). Actually, until I tried marmalade, I never met a preserve I didn't like (I use the term "preserve" here loosely, of course)

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        The Christine Ferber marmalade is totally different. Like I said, no huge rinds and gelatinous clumps. A little of the bitter rind flavor comes out, but it doesn't overpower. It's really quite wonderful. I like marmalade anyway, but this stuff is wonderful. Sigh.

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          I never liked marmelade, till I tried Dundee's. That stuff is great....I especially love their version made with orange, lemon and grapefuit.

        2. Maybe you've noticed that French jams are runnier with larger chunks of fruit, fresher tasting, than the usual US store bought jams, they do not contain HFCS nor do they last as long, the higher sugar content is what preserves them longer. More like what we call preserves.

          As for marmalade, it is not difficult to make.....if you can find a French recipe. Cut the peel to your taste, mix in different citrus, etc.

          1. I suggest Fortnam and Mason, it's british.

            1. My boyfriend is on a marmalade kick - we got a few kinds from Surfas (gourmet/food industry store) here in Los Angeles, the best being Rosebud Farm Rhubarb & Orange Jam (not even a marmalade, really, but one of the best concoctions I've tasted in ages) and Staud's Blut Orange (blood orange) Marmalade.

              But I also noticed that Indian grocery stores tend to carry several kinds, made for more European/Asian tastes (rather than American), which might fit the bill of what you found appealing about the Parisian variety you loved.