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Feb 22, 2008 07:17 AM

Help me, I'm a tourist...

Taking my first trip to NY in two weeks. We are Broadway bound and are seeing Avenue Q at 2pm and then Curtains at 8pm on Sat March 8. These theaters appear very close to each other on W. 45th Street. So after the first show, we'll stay in the area and have dinner before the next show. I realize I will be part of the "theater rush" so can someone recommend a good place? We like just about anything...I am a fan of your brasserie-type places, but really, I'll go anywhere. I'd like something memorable since this is my first trip to NY and obviously we have slight time constraints. We are staying at the London and trying to have dinner Friday night at Gordon Ramsey (we are on the wait list). Any recs are greatly appreciated!

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  1. I'm a big fan of BECCO on West 46th Street. The three fresh pasta (all you desire) dinner is one of NYC's greatest culinary values...and the food's quite good. My favorite in this neighborhood is a place called "Hell's Kitchen" that serves inventive Southwest cuisine in a lively atmosphere. For food that's a bit more upscale, try DB Bistro Moderne or the lovely and romantic Piano Due.

    1. Becco is an excellent choice. If you are looking for something moderate and more of an american style of food there is Rachel's on 9th Avenue. Very easy walk to the theater and a homey experience.

      For more reviews of restaurants in Manhattan:

      1. I've been to Becco many times over the years even though it doesn't have the greatest food. I guess I'm a sucker for thse two words "unlimited pasta"--haha.

        Hell's Kitchen is nice too, albeit a little overpriced.

        There is another place you should check out called Taboon. It's an upscale (sort of trendy but comfortable) pan-Mediterranean/Middle Eastern place on Tenth Avenue. It's a 10 minute walk from the other places mentioned here. I haven't been there in a year but I've heard that you have to call ahead for a reservation now.

        1. Marseille is a brasserie with great food and great atmosphere.

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            Good suggestion!! I love Marseille.
            Also good and near the theatres is Bond 45 which is on 45th between Broadway and 6th. The pizzas are really great...such amazingly thin crust.
            I think I just decided waht to have for dinner....

            1. re: Tex in the City

              The assorted mozzarella platter for the table at Bond 45 is heavenly.

              1. re: LNG212

                how big are the pizzas at Bond? Are they personal size or does one feed 2-3 people?

                1. re: eternalX

                  I think they were a bit bigger than "personal" but not quite big enough for 2 or 3. I ordered a pasta (ravioli, the last time I was there) and a friend ordered a pizza and we shared, along with a third who had a fish dish. Really, for us, the mozzarella platter anitpasta for the table was the highlight.

              2. re: Tex in the City

                Went to Marseille last night.

                Great atmosphere but can't rave about the food like others.

                My sweetbreads were good as were my braised shortribs but neither were standouts. My wife's mussels were cooked perfectly other than the fact they'd forgotten to clean the sand from them. Overall, it was a good meal but not one to rave about.

              3. re: rrems

                I really enjoyed marseille too.

                1. re: rrems

                  Yet another vote for Marseille, a favorite of mine. Not the most special or spectacular, but very good at what they do. A fine meal indeed.

                2. If you like brasseries, you should consider Marseille on 9th Ave & 44th Street. The food is terrific and you'll love the bustling atmosphere.

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