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French Fry Po Boy????? Please explain. In detail.

Okay, this french fry po boy I've read about in a few posts both intrigues me and frightens me. Kinda like the idea of deep fried candy bars.

Can someone please give me a detailed description of this carb on carb sandwich?

Is the Verti Mart THE place to get one?

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  1. A french fry po boy is just a po boy made with french fries on it instead of another meat. French fries, some of the roast beef gravy, dressed if you would like it and mayo. It is considered to be the original poor boy sandwich.

    this is not to be confused with an actual roast beef poboy that is deep fried at Jaques imos

    1. As far as places to get one, Crabby Jacks has a good one, as does shortstop, I would imagine it would be about the same anywhere, not sure if there is a place that does that better than the rest, although the roast beef gravy would be the key difference

      1. Also try theff po-boy w/gravy at:
        Cooter Brown's
        509 S. Carrollton Avenue , New Orleans, LA
        (504) 866-9104
        for another carb on carb fix here try the deep fried natchitoches meat pie po-boy(w/gravy) called, i believe the "boudreaux special", it rocks.

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          The Boudreaux Special is actually the crawfish pie po-boy (with remoulade sauce). The meat pie po-boy (with gravy) is called the Coonass special (which I think is hilarious). Both of which are delicious, as you mentioned.

        2. They have a great one at Guy's Po-Boys. Taste it, no explanations needed.
          I believe that the original po-boy was a french fry with debris.

          1. Verti Mart is far from the only (and certainly not the best) place to get one. I'm partial to the one at Liuzza's on Bienville. As others have posted, it's just french fries on bread, usually with brown gravy (roast beef gravy), and just like all other poboys, you can get it dressed (which means lettuce, tomatoes, mayo, and sometimes pickles)...you have to ask for mustard. As to whether it's the "original" po/poor-boy, I think all accounts are folklore, rather than any sort of documented fact.

            1. I have had the one and Verti Mart and not been impressed (although I love other things there for sure). I think I had a good one at Johnny's, if I recall correctly.

              1. I really enjoyed Verti Mart's, also picked up some Brussels sprouts, and a bottle of wine. Walked a few blocks to the hotel, and enjoyed!

                1. My favorite french fry po'boy place is no longer. THat was at Mimi's out in Lakeside, but it is gone sadly. Liuzza's was my second favorite place and I don't know if Parkside Bakery has one. Probably does. It is a weird thing but if the fries are good it can be a thing a beauty to taste.

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                    Didn't some of the people that ran the kitchen at Mimi's open their own place?

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                      Yes, MeMe's Market Catering Mgr opened her own place in Lakeview.

                      It's called Chicken Sue's. I've only had the Roast Beef Po Boy because I can't get past not ordering it. It is one of the best I have had. And their french fries happen to be really good.

                      Here's how I like my "fried potato" po boy:
                      warmed french bread, alot of mayo on both sides, then put the fries on and ladle roast beef gravy over the top. Pickles on the side. If I'm feeling like I need some protein, add cheese. Mmmmmm.

                      Been eating these in New Orleans since 1963.

                      BTW, here's the link to more info on Chicken Sue's including address & all that info.


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                      MY favorite place for a potato sandwich was always Martin Brothers Drive In. That was a long time ago and I don't know if they are still in business. Us kids would save up twenty four cents and catch the St. Claude streetcar (7 cents) and enjoy a Potato Po-Boy (15 cents) with mayo and gravy, then catch the streetcar back home.

                    3. Justmoi,
                      Have you read Gumbo Tales yet? There's a running joke through the Po-boy chapter about the french-fry po-boy, its "origins" and virtues. From the TP:

                      1. Parasols has an incredible french fry poboy with gravy

                        1. I believe the folklore about the french fry po-boy being the original--poor workers couldn't afford meat, so they got filling fried potato sandwiches slathered in gravy. Looking at some of the old pictures on the wall in Parkway Bakery & Tavern, I imagine that scene with the workers from the American Can company and other industries that "ain't dere no mo" across Bayou St. John.

                          Parkway has a very good example. In the last couple of years, they've changed the way they prepare and serve roast beef poboys a little, which has also affected the gravy, but it's still among the best sandwiches in NOLA and thus, also in all the world. I like to add hotsauce to mine. Untraditional, but I need the spice to cope with that much starch.