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Feb 22, 2008 06:36 AM

Cooking Classes for Couples

Looking for recreational cooking classes, preferably in a series of more than 1 or 2, in Manhattan or Westchester county. Classes should be on intermediate or advanced level. Anyone know of any good ones?

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  1. sarileeds, there are cooking classes at MacMenamin's Grill in New Rochelle.

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      Macmenamins Grill closed in 2009

    2. My boyfriend and I take classes at the Institute for Culinary Education in Chelsea all the time. They offer group classes that are often filled with couples. Very informative and so much fun!

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        I absolutely agree with the above! For a birthday present last summer, I got my boyfriend and I a Mexican cooking class at the Institute for Culinary Education. There were other couples. We had a blast! We got to eat the food we made. Definitely a good time and a great value. They have tons of choices for classes under "recreational division" on their website.

      2. if you don't mind traveling out to nassau county, ala carte in lynbrook is very good with a nice variety.

        1. They have one-off classes at Chef Central in Hartsdale on Rte 100. Check the website for schedule. They may have series as well.

          1. The original comment has been removed