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Feb 22, 2008 06:29 AM

Where to eat in St. Cloud

I'm going to be staying with my boss in St. Cloud for a few days next month and was wondering where I should be eating. I like just about anything, as long as its good. Any place with a good beer selection is a plus. Thanks!

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  1. St. Cloud Doesn't have much!! You have your normal chains and such. Maybe someone here knows of a good cuban or PR place around. St. Cloud is a Florida Cracker town from way back. The first thing you see entering town is a Rodeo Ground!! What they do have is an ORIGINAL Fat Boy's BBQ! This place is good que if you like smoked meat. I know they also do chicken on the grill with BBq sauce instead of just smoking the chicken and serving it.
    If you like Catfish, St. Cloud still has a catfish fry place called "The Catfish Place". I thought it was fair priced,,$12.99 for all you can eat catfish fingerlings. It's hard to find places that still prepare catfish this way. If you want more selection, just drive west on hwy 192 and go to kissimee!

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      I really enjoy the Catfish Place. Also, about a block or two further east and on the same side of the street from the Catfish Place is a free standing fried chicken place that I do enjoy also. Can't remember the name offhand but it is good. They even do fried chicken livers and gizzards without them being like hard as a rock.


    2. Last time I visited St. Cloud, we came across O'Doherty's Irish pub -- it was closed on Sunday so unfortunately we didn't get a chance to check it out -- but you may want to -- -- certainly the beer selection should be decent!

      1. For Cuban, try Mambo Restaurant, 4579 13th St., Phone 407-891-7022. It is a small place in a strip center next to Village Inn and across from Home Depot on the westside of St. Cloud. I haven't been in sometime, but had a great breakfast with friends one Sunday morning (although I don't know if they are still open in the mornings). The place has received good reviews in the past.

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          I ate at Mambo's a couple nights ago. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone that's in a hurry... actually I would, just deal with the slow service cause the food is excellent. Go there with a couple friends, order a bottle of wine, and when your food finally arrives, you won't be disappointed. I strongly recommend the ox-tail. Can't wait to go back... Thanks Sambq!

        2. Another great place is the Stone Bridge Tavern at the Royal St. Cloud Golf Course. It's around 3 miles south of St. Cloud but worth the drive. Decent prices combined with great food and views makes for a great night out.