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Feb 22, 2008 05:58 AM

Must eats in Syracuse

Hey, I’ll be in Syracuse for the weekend and I have no clue where to eat. I love BBQ, and have heard Dinosaur BBQ is good. Am I wrong? Is there anywhere else I should be going? Nothing fancy. Need not be BBQ, but nothing fancy. I have plenty of fancy where I am already. Stuff like Burgers, Pizza, Road food. I’ll be there with a buddy watching a Syracuse game so something for two fellas up to no good (eating I mean).

I beg people to help…


p.s. No tourist traps pls! We know our food.

: )

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  1. Dinosaur BBQ is probably a tourist trap, i say that becuase i've traveled hundreds of miles to go there. Its incredible BBQ, you should prob go for lunch and dinner so you can try as many different things as possible. People all over the trisate area and upstate NY will be reading this comment. Please don't listen to anyone who says they have only had Dinosaur at the Harlem location. Its just not the same. Its a huge noticable difference in taste, texture, and tenderness of the bbq'd meats. On a BBQ scale I would say Dino in syracuse and rochester is as good as your going to get outside of BBQ areas in the south, but NYC is slightly above average at best.

    1. Originally from Ithaca, so I've been to Dinosaur a few times - I find their ribs a bit odd - kinda salty, taste more like a christmas ham with bbq sauce - but the pulled pork is fantastic. Also if you can pick up their Foreplay spice rub, it's great stuff for spicing up almost any dish, sandwich, etc at home. And makes for some great conversation.

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        Ya I don't mind if it's popular and there are tourists there. What I mean by tourist trap is that it is popular and it sucks. From the sounds of it, from all I've hear so far, Dinosaur sure doesn't suck...

        1. re: magic

          Far from sucking. Dinosaur is a great place. Oh sure, occassionally some 7th generation redneck will claim it's not "real" BBQ. Well guess what, Grant kicked Lee's a** and we DO know BBQ north of the Mason-Dixon line.

          And as a side note, pizza really does suck in the South.....................

      2. Acropolis Pizza on Marshall Street near the SU campus has THE best wings (order them HOT) anywhere.

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          Thanks! Sounds good. And how is their pizza??

          1. re: magic

            Terrible. The only edible pizza on M Street was Varsity, and even that wasn't very good.

            Stick with the wings. Make sure you order them hot.

        2. The Dinosaur is very good, not just the barbecue, but the sides as well. We try to hit it for an early lunch, about 11:30AM. It gets crowded very quickly. There are a whole lot of other places that are my favorites when I leave LI and go up to Syracuse. Danzer's (German), Colemans (Irish), Hullar's (Pub Grub), Scotch & Sirloin (steak), Saratoga Steaks (steak), Arad Evans (American), Kin Loch / Grey Loch (American) and Pascale's (Continental). These are either in Syracuse or in the surrounding area such as Fayetteville and Jamesville. These should keep you busy for a week. I try to stay away from M (Marshall) Street.

          1. u know what, i just thought of a mexican place i went to. I can't remember its name. Its located inside of an old church. The food was very good. They also don't have a liquor license, so they make their margaritas with beer and or wine and they taste great, you would never know there was no tequilla in it. Maybe someone from Syracuse may know the name of the place.

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                Great breakfast, 24 hours a day at The Egg Plant on Genesee. For an authentic diner experience, Doc's Little Gem Diner.

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                  Oh God, no the Mission is horrible. If you want good Mexican, try Juanita's on Court Street.