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Feb 22, 2008 05:43 AM

dinner in admo, inexpensive and fun

Hi all - i have one of my closest friends in the world visiting me in dc this weekend. Tomorrow night i want to take her out with a group of my dc friends in adams morgan and thus, would like to do dinner there. With the cold weather I'd prefer to stay within that location versus walking up from dupont or down from woodley/cleveland. It is COLD outside! I'd like to keep it quite inexpensive as there are a variety of incomes present at the table and my friend coming up is used to rural nc prices! i think lauriol will be a headache although it fits the bill otherwise. i've found places that are fun but too crowded and places that are low key and good food but don't evoke the fun night on the town spirit.

also, as a sidenote i really recommend the ethiopian restaurant next to the wine shop on the corner of 18th and U that is ALWAYS empty and never gets any mention on the board. just went there for the first time a few weekends ago and it was empty (i.e. we sat down immediately) and i thought it was incredibly tasty and inexpensive :)

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  1. Lauriol *is* a headache! And although it might have a "fun night" experience, the food is, in my mind, not worth the wait or the money. Plus, you can get the type of Mexican food served at Lauriol is not unique, and I think it would be fun to treat your friend to something totally new and different. That is certainly more fun, in my book, than jockeying for a table.

    Since you say your friend is from "rural NC," why not expose them to a new cuisine? Why not the Ethiopian place you love? Or, there's El Tamarindo if your friend likes Latin food. Is Afghan Grill still open? Afghan Grill is delicious and cheap! And it'll probably be a totally new experience for your friend.

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      thanks for the advice dckw! i do think exposing her to something new is a good idea; tonight we are doing indian. i would take her to the ethiopian place but i don't think it is "fun" enough... last time i was there i kind of wanted to go home and watch a movie and drink wine versus continue the party, so to speak... so i'm trying to capture the fun atmosphere minus the headache.

    2. I still like Cashions Eat Place. Kinda funky and elegant. Make a reservation.

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        Keith hi thanks for the rec i LUV Cashion's. unfortunately it is way out of the price range for my friends. any thoughts for something with entrees below $15?

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          Amsterdam Falafal (mmmm )

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            Totally forgot about L'Enfant. Another great option. I like their nicoise salad. But the various crepes are also very good and a nice choice of beer options.

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            Polly - My mind is going blank outside of Pizza at Coppis. Maybe Skewers (above Cafe Luna) on P? Agree w/ others on Bourbon.

        2. How about Bourbon? Different options from pork chops to salads to sandwiches. I love their crab cake sandwich and fries with seasoning. Not expensive and a great choice of beer and of course bourbon.

          Another option is New Orleans Cafe for cajun cuisine. And of course there is always The Diner and the falafal place.

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          1. re: Elyssa

            Or even Tryst.
            basic food, but cozy enough to hang out all night and not spend so much money.

          2. I would second Bourbon, good food, local kinda place, reasonable prices...and plus nothing will warm you up faster than a nice little glass of your favorite brown liquor....mmm...I'm thirsty

            1. Is Felix still there? They had a cool bar next door and a dining room that was pretty good. Don't remember it being overly pricey. Little Fountain Cafe is great but has no cool/hip atmosphere.