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Feb 22, 2008 05:34 AM

Where to buy auth. Guatemalan coffee?

My coworker is obsessed with Cafe Britt coffee, and since she's sitting in the next cube over complaining about not being able buy any :) Can anyone assist this quiet-loving chowhound with this request ?

Many Thanks in advance,

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  1. Two sources of Guatemalan:
    Birds & Beans, Lakeshore and Royal York $15/lb

    Greenbeanery, in the Annex, $12/lb

    1. Manic has some awesome direct trade stuff, 18 a lb but they sell it half pound bags for 9 each

      1. I'm pretty sure that Cafe Britt is from Costa Rica and not Guatemala. So are you looking for a source of Cafe Britt brand coffee or coffee from Guatemala / Costa Rica? If it is the latter, most good coffee roasters would have this. Try Alternative Grounds on Roncesvalles or ideal coffee or Dark City Coffee or Manic or Dark Horse or even Starbucks.

        1. Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

          1. Since my trip to Costa Rica last year I have been buying Cafe Britt online - fast, easy and reliable! I buy 10 bags at a time from, shipped to my office in Toronto. Sometimes I am charged duty, sometimes not. You can choose from among many types of coffee - faves include the Organic, Poas Volcano, Tres Rios - actually they are all good. They also sell Peruvian coffeee - not Gautemalan as far as I can recall.