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Jan 25, 2002 05:09 PM


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What places around LA,Long Bch,OC have great Beer selections? I like tring different beers along with new

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  1. Get out and find yourself a copy of Celebrator Beer News, study up and you'll be ready to go.


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    1. re: Jim Dorsch

      Thanx For all the Tips!

    2. Yardhouse in Long Beach.

      Here's their beers on tap. Food is what you would expect at a place like this (chain-like).


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      1. re: Belafkih

        1/2 Burger = $9
        That's a bit too spendy for pub fare.

        Plus LOTS of conventioners hanging out looking for play.
        Once had to wait 2 hrs for a table that we finally gave up on.
        Lots of beer, but good luck getting a friendly bartender.

        1. re: MizThang

          There's alos a Yard House in Costa Mesa but it is pretty much the same thing at the Long Beach location, tons of beer but lousy service and non-endearing atmosphere.
          I would have to second Lucky Baldwin's, excellent beer and nice folk in a cozy atmosphere.

          1. re: jason

            I'd recommend walking across the street from the Costa Mesa Yardhouse location and going to Goathill. Almost as many beers and MUCH cheaper. No food though...and the atmosphere is decidedly less "OC".

            1. re: Afty

              Seconded. And for clarification, Goat Hill is decidely less Newport Beach and more old school Costa Mesa.

      2. Wine Country (Redondo Ave) is not a restaurant, but they have a great beer selection.

        Good luck!

        1. My Father's Office on Montana in Brentwood. Check postings below on this board. Limited menu - out of this world burger - many, many, many beers to choose from.

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          1. re: LBQT

            I'll second this... make sure to get the yam fries with the burger.

            I also like Crown City Brewery in Pasadena (corner of Raymond and Del Mar). They serve several brews they make on site, plus many more on tap and by bottle.


            1. re: Chuck S
              michael (mea culpa)

              I also like Crown City Brewery in Pasadena (corner of Raymond and Del Mar). >>
              Or, Gordon Biersch in Old Town Pas. Make their own brews and lotsa good munchies.

          2. Friends rave about the selection at Lucky Baldwin's in Old Pas. Reputedly over 50 beers on tap, mostly British and local brews. No food to speak of, but you can grab something from any of the nearby restaurants.