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What places around LA,Long Bch,OC have great Beer selections? I like tring different beers along with new

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  1. Get out and find yourself a copy of Celebrator Beer News, study up and you'll be ready to go.

    Link: http://www.celebrator.com

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      Thanx For all the Tips!

    2. Yardhouse in Long Beach.

      Here's their beers on tap. Food is what you would expect at a place like this (chain-like).

      Link: http://www.yardhouse.com/beer.shtml

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      1. re: Belafkih

        1/2 Burger = $9
        That's a bit too spendy for pub fare.

        Plus LOTS of conventioners hanging out looking for play.
        Once had to wait 2 hrs for a table that we finally gave up on.
        Lots of beer, but good luck getting a friendly bartender.

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          There's alos a Yard House in Costa Mesa but it is pretty much the same thing at the Long Beach location, tons of beer but lousy service and non-endearing atmosphere.
          I would have to second Lucky Baldwin's, excellent beer and nice folk in a cozy atmosphere.

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            I'd recommend walking across the street from the Costa Mesa Yardhouse location and going to Goathill. Almost as many beers and MUCH cheaper. No food though...and the atmosphere is decidedly less "OC".

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              Seconded. And for clarification, Goat Hill is decidely less Newport Beach and more old school Costa Mesa.

      2. Wine Country (Redondo Ave) is not a restaurant, but they have a great beer selection.

        Good luck!

        1. My Father's Office on Montana in Brentwood. Check postings below on this board. Limited menu - out of this world burger - many, many, many beers to choose from.

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            I'll second this... make sure to get the yam fries with the burger.

            I also like Crown City Brewery in Pasadena (corner of Raymond and Del Mar). They serve several brews they make on site, plus many more on tap and by bottle.

            Link: http://www.crowncitybrewery.com/

            1. re: Chuck S
              michael (mea culpa)

              I also like Crown City Brewery in Pasadena (corner of Raymond and Del Mar). >>
              Or, Gordon Biersch in Old Town Pas. Make their own brews and lotsa good munchies.

          2. Friends rave about the selection at Lucky Baldwin's in Old Pas. Reputedly over 50 beers on tap, mostly British and local brews. No food to speak of, but you can grab something from any of the nearby restaurants.

            1. Barney's Beanery...lol

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                Definitely Barney's... They have a huge selection. Not the fanciest place on the planet but lots of stuff to try. :)

                Link: http://www.swine-and-dine.com/Larest.htm

              2. Any Claim Jumper on tap and lots of bottled brands. Buffalo Inn on Foothill in Upland has a 40 foot refrigerated semi-trailer in the back full of kegs that are piped in to the bar.

                  CALL 411 FOR THE NUMBER AND MORE INFO.
                  WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED.

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                    Haven't made it out there yet myself, but I asked the same question a little while back, and The Stuffed Sandwich got some votes then as well. They've got a web page.

                    Link: http://www.stuffedsandwich.com/

                  2. My favorites are the Father's office and Libraray Ale House in SM, Yard House in LB (there are others) and Naja's Place in Redondo http://www.najasplace.com/ Naja's has very good Belgians on tap and does a great job with IPAs (My favorite is Pliney the Elder).

                    I've also heard that the LAX four points bartender is a beer geek and keeps some cool stuff in the bottle.

                    1. Mmm, I'm headed to Father's Office tomorrow. FO Burger, here I come.

                      But two that come to mind are Naja's in Redondo (King Harbor) and Outlaw's in Playa Del Rey. Both kinda funky places, unlike Yard House.

                      Oops, Naja's was mentioned already.

                      1. Oh, and a shout out for Rudy's in Newport Beach, on the peninsula, around 31st and Newport Ave. Rudy himself is a good Cheesehead. Tell him pez sent ya.

                        1. The Olde Ship in Santa Ana has a pretty decent beer section.......

                          1. Stuffed Sandwich. They have 700 different kinds of beers, many of them stored in a couple of warehouses. The sandwiches are big and reasonably priced, too. Look on their website (see the link above) and then click on their link about being named the #9 place in the country for beer selection. It takes you to some beer forum where you can read what people say about them - it's very impressive. I'm not a big beer drinker but I've been to the place and the selection is indeed incredible.

                            1. Don't forget about Hollingshead's Deli in Orange. Always a good selection on tap and great sandwiches

                              1. I would try The 3rd Stop on 3rd St between Robertson and San Vicente, right accross from Cedars Sinai. Beer selection rivals Fathers Office and pretty much every pint is 5 bucks. Food is very good too, try the Hazlenut Pizza for desert.

                                1. Hollingshead Deli in Orange, on Main just north of the 22 freeway. Lots of good, ever-changing draft beers and ales, and the most "real" people you'll meet in Orange County (the family are die-hard Wisconsin fans)

                                  1. Barney's Beanery has an enormous beer selection.

                                    I go to the West Hollywood location, even though I live on the Westside. I've never been to the 3rd Street Prom Barney's, sort of crowded all the time.

                                    The WeHo Barney's is probably not a Chow haunt ... I go because I've always gone and still like it ... but I don't know if it's great or just nostalgia.

                                    Tons of beers, no doubting that.

                                    1. If you are by Santa Anita racetrack, you may want to give Matt Denny's a try. A small pub with good eats and a fine tap that rotates selections often. They also host a golf tournament in June that is well attended and finishes... as all tournaments should... at the ale house!

                                      1. Downtown LA in the loft district. There is a new spot called Royal Clayton's. The beer list is awesome! Lots of belgian stuff and local micros as well. Industrial at Mateo. Great food with a killer pool table as well.

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                                          Is that actually in the "Toy" loft building?

                                        2. Joe's Jost in Long Beach... they don't have a huge selection of beer or food for that matter; the key to this place is the fact that their beer is soooo cold, it's slusy by the time you sit down. nice vibe. long beach institution. get the joe's special and order their roasted peanuts. yum!

                                          1. Goat Hill Tavern in Costa Mesa has a large selection of tap beer. Shamrock Bar on PCH in Newport Beach has a nice selection of draft beer and very good sandwiches.

                                            1. - Naja's - Redondo Beach Pier. Probably the biggest on tap selection around, maybe 100 taps, and few are mainstream beers. Rowdy beach bar atmosphere. Live bands perform.

                                              - Father's Office - Montana and 10th, Santa Monica. Great selection of quality beers, with focus on California microbrews. Great place to get Craftsman ales, made in Pasadena. The Craftsman Aurora Borealis (served in winter sometimes) and the Holiday Spruce (around xmas) are outstanding. In the past, one had to fight other patrons for a table, and endure a mob scene at the bar to get food or drinks. Now, due to a fire marshall crackdown, only 50 or so people are allowed in at a time. This has resulted in a long, slow-moving line to get in, and a less festive atmosphere inside. However, once in, you'll have somewhere to sit. Burger and sweet potato fries are excellent.

                                              - Third Stop - On Third near Robertson, West Hollywood. A little off the radar. Easy to find a seat most of the time. Excellent selection, though less rotation than other places.

                                              - Stuffed Sandwich - In San Gabriel, I believe on Las Tunas near Rosemead. (Check their website.) Most unusual spot. Has 5 or 6 taps which rotate, always based on a theme. Perhaps all Rogue beers one week, then all IPAs, then all stouts. You must order food to drink a beer. One of the oddest elements is that beer is served in a paper cup. Regulars bring their own glasses, or buy a specialty glass to use. You can order small samplers to taste all the taps. Also has a massive bottle inventory. Try chatting up the owner for suggestions on new beers to try. Food is standard sub shop fare. Atmosphere also like a neighborhood sub shop / rec room. Only open until 8pm, and closed Sunday.

                                              - Lucky Baldwin's - Old Town Pasadena. Large selection, and another place to get Belgians and Craftsmans. English pub style place, often filled with soccer fans. Horrid reek of vinegar from the fries, or should I say chips. Spotty service, and often the beer you ask for is tapped out. Beer lines are often not cleaned, and the place is a bit grungy. Many beer festivals throughout the year. Has many beers that no other place carries. Nice patio. Cool decor with neat beer signs. They have a satellite spot in Sierra Madre as well.

                                              - Yard House - Long Beach and other spots. Very large selection of beers, supposedly the largest int the world, though most are mainstream fare such as Michelob or Budweiser. Corporate/chain flavor - the Cheesecake Factory of bars. Tons of TVs featuring sports. All beers are served in the same glasses, and waitstaff probably won't know much about the beers. Tower of onion rings is a good food option - the rest is bland. Very crowded and a long wait at peak times.

                                              1. When I went to Father's Office, I had a Craftsman Biere de Blanco (a microbrewery in Pasadena that I had read about). Loved it. I understand it's served at a few of the places mentioned above (e.g. Lucky Baldwins)... anyone seen Craftsman beer sold in any stores around the L.A. area?

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                                                  It's not sold in bottles, unfortunately. The places I've seen it on tap are Lucky Baldwin, Father's Office, Third Stop, the Firehouse (downtown restaurant) and the Ritz Carlton Pasadena.

                                                2. Beer selection isn't great. theres PBR and the rest...

                                                  just kidding. you really can't mention beer bars and not talk about Joe's.. good job.

                                                  ps. this was meant to go under Joe Josts rec. above. Damn.

                                                  1. Yardhouse in Long Beach has the best selection I have ever seen.

                                                    1. Red Lion in Silverlake. Great selection of German beers on tap and obsure beers in bottles. Food is great as well.