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Feb 22, 2008 03:06 AM

New kosher dairy restaurant in West Hempstead

On Hempstead Avenue in West Hempstead (NY) (a few stores away from the I &D kosher butcher, take-out and grocery store), I saw a sign for a kosher dairy restaurant (EJ's --?) coming soon. Does anyone know anything about it?

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  1. I saw the same sign. This could be competition for Hunki's and Bageltown if this becomes
    a morning and afternoon hangout spot. I just hope the owners do take out and catering business because West Hempstead may not have enough walk in trade to support another sit down estaurant (unless this is going to be like Central Perk in Cedarhurst).

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    1. re: havdalahclub

      As a follow up, the sign said EJ's Too on the sign. I assume the people, who own the EJ's restaurants in NJ (EJ's in Teaneck, Jerusalem Pizza in Elizabeth, and EJ's @the Scotch Plains JCC) are the same owners of this new venture.

    2. Yes in deed, a ne kosher reataurant called EJ'S TOO will be opening up. They Will have Pizza, Falafel, and all that stuff. They will open Tuesday, March 4th

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      1. re: WHKosher

        The sign said a restaurant. I was hoping for a nice , casual dairy restaurant, not another pizza shop. How will 2 pizza stores survive?

        1. re: inky

          Now that there are enough families in WH, the rabbis allow it

          1. re: WHKosher

            When Richie & Tova resumed ownership of Hunki's, they would have better off converting it from a pizza place to a fast food meat place with Israeli food. I know that Richie is a part owner of Wing Wan and this might have
            been a conflict of interest. However, the opening of another pizza place might be the end of Hunki's as a retail operation. From what I have heard, Richie & Tova are trying to sell Hunki's a second time. Who would buy it with a competitor less than half a mile down the road?

            1. re: havdalahclub

              Any news on when this new EJ's place is opening?

              1. re: havdalahclub

                I don't know where you heard this, but Richie has never mentioned any interest in selling his business again anytime soon. I have known him for years and he always tells me how this time he wants to continue to serve his loyal customers and provide the same quality and service he has always given.
                Speaking of quality and service, EJ's has none of this. Their pizza is awful along with their employees. This goes for the West Hempstead location as well as the two New Jersey locations. I am sure the only reason they opened up to begin with, is because they saw a weak spot when Richie had sold the business and it wasn't doing well. Now Richie is back and I plan only to eat where the good food is.

                1. re: KosherDLight

                  Neither West Hempstead pizza place has good pizza. Hunki's in Plainview has much better pizza than the West Hempstead Hunki's (different owners). I wish that both West Hempstead kosher pizza places would change their pizza recipe.

            2. re: inky

              We have a facination with pizza, a real jewish food. For crying out loud, in the 5 towns we have a total of 6 pizza stores (ok, 5 pizza stores with a bagel store that also serves pizza), three of them within a 30 second walk from each other! Let us also not forget Central Perks which also serves pizza. So who knows, maybe two pizza stores can survive in W Hempstead.

              1. re: MartyB

                I remember 35 years ago when Sabra was the only kosher pizza store in the 5 towns. the pizza was awful back then. I think the competition over the years has made Sabra (and the others) a better pizza

                1. re: berel

                  Went to EJ's Too tonight (grand Opening was yesterday). It was packed (@75 people). lot of assortment of pizzas, calzones, Israeli food, fish, salads, frozen yogurt,etc. food was pretty good. hope it continues to be busy and successful. West Hempstead needed this dairy place- a larger space, open later at night, open Saturday nights, a wide menu of good tasting food. Now, West Hempstead is ready to support a good quality (not greasy) meat fast food place that has schwarma, shishkebab, burgers, deli, steaks,hearty soups,etc.

                  1. re: inky

                    Ah, so it was a Pizza place after all., and packed with 75 people no less. Time for another pizza place to open :)

          2. Yes the propreitor is Elliot Rosenfeld (or close to that) from Teaneck NJ. He has two stores in NJ in Teaneck and I think Elizabeth. Ive eaten a few times in Teaneck and he has a excellent reputation. Food is very good and they are super nice propietors. I hope they give Hunkies some competition as i wont go on......

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            1. re: MAHOSCH

              I wish EJ Too the best of luck in their new venture. Time will tell if EJ's can continuously deliver quality food and service. Of course, West Hempsteaders and the neighboring communities will play a large role in helping sustain this new food establishment.

            2. They even have dip in dots now. there gonna do good, but i feel bad for hunkies

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              1. re: WHKosher

                Can anyone comment on EJ's effect on Huckies? Also is EJ still maintaining its popularity as a previous poster noted that they had 75 people there, or was it just a flash in the pan, with all of W Hempstead checking the new boy in town.

                1. re: MartyB

                  I don't think that people are being blown away by EJ's. While the pizza is better than Hunki's (not a challenging task), all it really offers is a wider selection of food items (salads, side dishes, etc.) in a more spacious environment. The parking is difficult because there is a small unpaved lot that it shares with I & D Butcher and other stores.

                  Hunki's has basically focused on their catering operation (Ackerstein Caterers), while not improving the quality of their retail operation (pizza place). Plus, Richie is really focused on trying to sell Hunki's (for the 2nd time).

                  If EJ's can outwit and outplay Hunki's it will survive and thrive. This would mean that EJ's will have to regain some of the off premises catering that the former owners of Hunki's lost (and Mauzone allegedly gained) when they bought the business from Richie.

                  1. re: havdalahclub

                    I've been told the reason EJ's was allowed to open is that when Rabbi Kelemer found out that Richie (the current owner) intended to sell the business to anyone who would buy:kosher or not, he allowed any competition so that there would be an alternative should Hunki's sell in the future. I think that what might likely happen is that Hunki's will sell out to a non- jewish buyer and Ej's will thrive. I hope they can improve on their food as I'm not hearing rave reviews. Hopefully they will have later hours than their competition which is one reason wing wan does so well. If you would like to read a full review of new restaurant in queens read my blog.

                    1. re: Jewish Blogmeister

                      EJ's has a nice assortment of dairy food. But, the pizza crust is so thin, it is almost like a crepe or wrap. Also, there was too much cheese and barely any sauce.I have heard similar complaints from others. I will give it another chance, but the recipe must be changed. In regard to Hunki's , EJs is cleaner, larger, has a bigger selection, and better hours. Some one else mentioned on one of these blogs that Hunki's should turn into a meat place. I welcome the idea. I think it would be successful. Hunkis has an EXCELLENT CATERING reputation. maybe it can become an EXCELLENT meat eatery.

              2. I have been eating at EJs Too almost every work day since they opened and here is my review:

                ambiance: excellent. bathrooms clean. tables clean. spacious and attractive for a pizza place.

                pizza: way better than hunkis, but that isnt saying much, bc i HATE hunki's pizza. nevertheless, their pizza is good. for some reason, tho, i rarely have found a fresh pie just come out when im about to order, and i wish i would, bc i love a fresh slice, before the bottom gets crusty from the reheating oven. if u go into elite pizza in great neck, and ask for a fresh slice, they will gladly let u wait for a fresh pie to come out instead of forcing u to take one of their remaining slices from an older pie. most other pizza places, including ejs, unfortunately, get annoyed at this request, and snap back, "this one is fresh; it just came out," even though the cheese has obviously congealed and needs to be reheated... whatever, that's just a personal gripe.

                other foods: i havent tried much, but my coworkers who join me sometimes have always had pleasant experiences with their various dishes. i really like their salad bar. 2 sizes, with any ingredient you want, for reasonable prices. places like dairy king make u pay more for additional ingredients! they also have a $1 soda fountain with free refills, which is great.

                all together, i give this place a 7 1/2.