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Feb 22, 2008 01:39 AM

cabinet of great ingredients applesauce loaf?


i've got an abundance of these ingredients in my cabinet but i need a recipe. and it seems like the perfect time to bake a loaf of some sort. i'm not the greatest baker. i'd like to mix the applesauce in a loaf cake of some sort (fat content isn't an issue but i have a lot of applesauce). also, could i make the recipe, bake half and freeze the other half of the mix in a loaf pan for another time? thanks!!

here's what's in my cabinet:

4oz fresh blueberries
unsweetened mixed berry applesauce
whole wheat flour
multigrain oats mix (dry oatmeal basically)
wheat germ
eggs, honey, butter, baking soda/powder
tons of cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, salt, etc.

i can easily get other ingredients - nuts, etc.

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  1. I have substituted apple sauce for pumpkin puree in a pumpkin bread recipe. It worked ok, though sauce is wetter than canned pumpkin, so there really should be some adjustment in wet to dry proportions. It might be better to start with a banana bread recipe, since apple sauce has about the same consistency as mashed bananas.

    I like to use half whole wheat flour, and half mixed grains (oats, oat bran, etc), making a moist, dense bread (imagine a healthy tasting bran muffin). I usually bake two loaves, and freeze one. I think that works better than freezing unbaked batter.

    For 2 loaves the rough proportions are:
    3 c of mixed flour and grains
    2 c of puree
    4 eggs
    my recipe calls for 2 c of sugar, but I use 1
    I have found that fat (butter or oil) is optional in a bread like this
    Spices, nuts and dried fruit can be varied to your taste
    Check a recipe for baking soda and powder proportions. Since the puree is a bit acid, my recipe uses both.


    1. I make, and love, a variation of these applesauce muffins:

      I've never tried, and probably wouldn't recommend freezing the raw batter, but the baked muffins freeze beautifully. You could also make a loaf out of this, just increasing the baking time as needed.