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Which Sarabeth the tastiest?

Is it true the flagship one on the west side is better and bigger than the others? Thanks

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  1. i always go to the one on the UES and like it very much. Key is to get there early on a weekend, otherwise the wait is just too long.

    1. It's definitely not bigger -- I think the one on the UES has an upstairs area and the CPS location might be larger as well. I've only been (and always go) to the UWS location, and it keeps me pretty happy.

      1. Bigger or smaller it seems they both have tasty food.What about longer lines? same too?

        1. I think the CPW one is tastiest, because tasty means not having to wait in line (they're the only one that takes reservations.) In general, I frequent the UWS one and it is just sooooooo good. The clouds of heaven better be filled with Sarabeth's scones.

          1. Are there more than three locations in NYC? I have been to the UWS, UES and Central Park South locations. I don't think there is that much of a difference in the food, though I go to the UWS location most because I like the servers best, there.

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              There's also a location in the Whitney. I hear the service is best on the UWS, UES is more popular for dinner, and CPS is the go-to for a brunch that takes reservations.

              Frankly, Sarabeth's isn't a destination brunch for me -- there's nothing special or exciting about the food and sometimes the lines are a bit much -- but it's great comfort food done right, and consistently at that.

              1. Just had tea at the Central Park South location.Awful! Stale bread and scone.

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                  That's too bad - I like the scones I get at the UES one b/c they are traditional - small, and not full of ingredients that don't belong in them. Quite like their croissants too - just had one for breakfast. But, I've never had stale baked goods, which, of course, are never good!

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                    Not much of a fan, either.

                    NB There is a baked goods branch in Chelsea Market.

                  2. Been to all - my favorite = uws!