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Feb 21, 2008 08:21 PM

T & T Downtown Shuttle Bus

Looks like T & T finally has a shuttle bus setup for us downtowners without a car. I get the weekly flyer emailed to me and it says that the shuttle operates everyday from 10:45AM to 10:00PM.

The link above has information about the pickup locations/times. They have one for Yonge/Dundas, 373 Front and 3 Navy Wharf Court.

I've been wanting to visit for awhile but didn't want to have to deal with getting down there in the winter.


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  1. Everything I hear about T&T on Cherry St. sounds good, even exceptional, if they can maintain quality. I was really impressed to see their shuttle running close to Chinatown, where they can pick up shoppers who might not otherwise get there.

    The old guard supermarkets had better watch out!

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    1. re: jayt90

      T & T is fun... the one disappoint for me was the produce. Nowhere near Chinatown for quality or price. Meat and especially fish counter were pretty great.

      1. re: Rabbit

        Funny, my experience has been different. I've found produce quality somewhat below the best of the mainstream stores but better than the Gerrard Chinatown. Prices lower than the mainstream stores, higher than Chinatown. They have no organics to speak of, which was disappointing.

        1. re: embee

          I agree with Embee on the produce quality. I've had good experience. Actually find produce there to be generally superior to my local Loblaws. If they only stocked PC products, then I'd have only one place to stop.

          Does anyone have any comments on their AAA beef? Prices seem absurdly low.

          1. re: grandgourmand

            my dad always buys their beef and i always find that it's REALLY tender.

            i also love the sticky rice rolls they have in the ready to eat dim sum section. filled with all sorts of warm yummy goodness!

            1. re: grandgourmand

              I have bought various beef cuts there and found some issues. Typical Asian cuts (e.g., rib eye sliced for hotpot; short ribs sliced for BBQ; braising cuts) have been fine. North American style beef cuts have been problematic.

              For example, I bought several beautifully marbled, thick cut rib eye steaks at an unbelievably low price. I have seldom seen nicer looking beef. It was undoubtedly AAA and it looked like it could have come from Cumbrae's. However, the steaks (seared outside; rare within) were relatively tasteless and very tough. I'm guessing that the beef wasn't aged at all.

              1. re: embee

                That's good to know. I've been tempted to buy the beef there as it looks really good. I didn't think they would age it, as that's what drives up the price.

                They have some really good prices on other items I buy, such as Wellesley apple cider. Last week it was $2.69, compared with $3.75 at Fresh from the Farm.

                The 7D brand mango juice was $3.29, vs $4.99 at Sun Valley.

                1. re: embee

                  At their prices, I'd be willing to buy a home vacuum sealer.

                2. re: grandgourmand

                  Downtown T&T nowhere can comparable to the one in Warden, in term of freshness of meat. I bought whole chicken twice for making soup and both of them are bad. Not to mention those tasteless beef. Their dim sum is so bad, those lunch box are bad as well. I ordered a dish something like braised pork, the pork supposed to be tender but it turned out not braised enrough. I recommend don't buy those meats are on sale. I always believe you get what you pay.

                  If you want to buy dry produce, can food, snacks and frozen food, good place to go.

                  The best food there is the sticky rice roll and the best thing there is a lot of parking and you don't have to wait 30 min to get out from the cashier during weekend, which is I usually do when I shop at Warden branch.

          2. I'm loving T & T. Last weekend I bought 3 pork shoulders for $8 (!) and they threw in the extra fat I needed for sausage making for free. The fish counter is outstanding and I found the tofu shiraki noodles last weekend, thanks for the heads up hounds. I find the produce to be excellent, and though you can get some interesting produce they obviously don't have everything that is not Asian influenced.

            I was not so happy with the sushi but I should have known better. All in all definitely worth the trip, bus or otherwise.

            1. wontonfm...i cant actually find the times or location on the link you posted. could you explain where i can click to find it?

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                1. re: pinkprimp

                  Mila posted the link to the PDF file. But if you go to the page that I pasted above you just look in the bottom left-hand corner and that will link to a PDF file with all the info.

                2. So the other day I finally went to the Cherry St. location for the first time (I usually go to the Warden store).
                  Overall, nothing particularly unique, just another T&T (not that I expected anything special or different), but closer for me, which is good.

                  One negative thing: The tofu.
                  Maybe it was just that day, maybe not. I don't know.
                  I usually buy tofu in those medium size plastic tubs that contain 6 smallish slabs. But, when I picked up one of the tubs the water on the surface of the tub was slimy and smelly. I opened the tub, and ugh, did the tofu smell BAD!. Sour tofu, as we call them. Opened another tub, the same thing. Gave up after the third tub (my hand was all wet and yucky and smelly by then).
                  I would really appreciate if they can stock FRESH tofu, always. Or at least, if the tofu is not fresh, then throw them away and post a SOLD OUT sign, then at least I could not have contaminated my fingers with smelly water and went right on to getting those indvidually-packaged-and-sealed tofu.

                  One positive thing: The jellyfish.
                  It was nice and fresh, fresher than the Warden store. Yay!

                  1. I ended up going to T & T today and took the bus from there to Yonge and Dundas. The bus is very convenient! Clean, comfortable and pretty quick. The pick-up locations are VERY easy to find. The two down by SkyDome are easy to spot because they are right in front of apartment buildings with private drives. Not sure how the Yonge and Dundas pick-ups work.

                    The bus is more like a short school bus that is white with green trim. There are small signs that say T & T in the window but the sides of the bus says something like Tang Wang Tours. Also, the bus actually runs on time.

                    Definitely the best way to go if you're a TTC-taker.