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Feb 21, 2008 08:04 PM

How do I get the white color? (hollandaise)

Well, my hollandaise always turns out on the yellow side, and when I see pictures, the sauce is always white. Can someone tell me how to get that white color I'm looking for?

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  1. You can whisk more air into the egg yolks to lighten them, but real hollandaise is always going to be creamy-looking...because, ummmm...the egg yolks are yellow. Real hollandaise isn't white, but if the egg yolks are pale to begin with, a photo will look more pale.

    1. Entirely dependent, ultimately, on the color of your butter and egg yolks. It's always yellow in my experience...pale yellow, but distinctly yellow.

      1. I don't intend to suggest it doesn't exist, but I've never encountered a white hollandaise, either restaurant or homemade. No do I have any idea how you'd make one. There's pale butter to be had, of course, but I don't see getting around the color of the egg yolks.

        Do you find the yellow color undesirable, or did you think you were doing something wrong? (You're not.)

        1. There is NOTHING wrong with your Hollandaise sauce, but there IS something wrong with those pictures!