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Feb 21, 2008 07:51 PM

Bomb cake

I've been charged to make a cake shaped like a bomb for the departure of a co-worker. I am thinking I should do the classic round bomb with the string fuse on top. Anyone have ideas on how to do this? Are there round molds out there?

Also, if you have other shape suggestions, I'm all ears!

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    1. You could bake two cakes in a stainless steel bowl, cut off the bottom of one cake so it sits flat then put the two cakes together like any other layer cake. In Julia Child's book Cooking with Master Chefs, Michel Gerard makes a cake he calls Chocolate Dome, using a chocolate flavored genoise baked in a stainless steel bowl, then cut into two layers and filled with chocolate mousse (and "iced" with chocolate ganache). You'd just need to make two of them to make a round "bomb".

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      1. You could also do two bundt cake pans and turn the tops together. Fill the hole w/ an ice cream cone (cake cone) and frost. The ridges disappear w/ enough frosting. Like this pumpkin cake:

        1. How about cupcakes? You can tint the icing and use gumdrops stuck with a little bit of black string licorice for the fuse.

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          1. Or just get the ball-shaped sports pan from wilton. Comes with a handy little stand so it doesn't fall over in the oven.