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Feb 21, 2008 06:53 PM

Cauliflower Gratin Help!

I made the Barefoot Contessa recipe tonight and it was just mediocre. Does anyone have a good and simple gratin recipe? My young daughter likes cauliflower and adores all cheese, but this recipe didn't much appeal to her. I would love to find something that allows for lots of veggie substitutions. Thanks.

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  1. This makes great potato gratin and I guess a similar method would work with cauliflower. This is based on a recipe from the great Roux brothers, multi Michelin winners here in the UK.

    Medium/thinly slice some peeled potatoes and bring them up to simmer point in a 50/50 mixture of milk and double (heavy?) cream with a handful of your chosen grated cheese (Gruyere my choice), a little salt & pepper and grated nutmeg if you have it. The milk/cream should be enough to just cover the top of the potatoes.

    When up to a simmer, spoon everything into a gratin dish, sprinkle over some more grated cheese (optional) and bake at about 400 for about 40 mins/until browned although cauli. may take a little less time.

    Sorry if I've been lazy about quantities etc. but it's that kind of dish. Also this would NOT appear in any diet books!

    1. My favorite gratin is decadent...

      Steam the cauliflower and layer in a dish. Cover w/ ricotta mixed with herbs of choice (oregno, basil, parsley), mozzarella, romano, and parmesan mixed with cornbread crumbs (or panko if you prefer)... Bake and top with additional dollops of ricotta. Sometimes I also mix just a dash of lemon juice into the ricotta.

      1. Marcella Hazan's technique (from memory):
        Steam cauliflower. Break up into florettes and lay in buttered baking dish. Add S&P. Grate parmesan on top, dot with butter and bake.
        I had young fussy eaters asking for it a second day.

        1. The cauliflower gratin in Mastering the Art of French Cooking is pretty bullet proof; the simplified version in Cooking with Jacques and Julia is even more adaptable. Trim and steam the cauliflower whole, reserve the liquid when done, chop the cauliflower and let cool in a buttered baking dish. Prep a simple mornay sauce (butter, flour, milk) add white pepper and nutmeg. Add grated swiss or gruyere cheese to the sauce, pour over cauliflower and sprinkle some more swiss on top. Broil until it's the color you like. This works great with potatoes as well, and imagine any good firm root vegetable would work.

          1. My absolute favorite as a child - Cauliflower Cheese. Steam the entire head until tender and place it in a baking dish. Cover it in a mustard sauce (we usually made it with mayo but a white sauce can also be the base). Then heap grated cheese on top and bake until the cheese is melted and bubbly. It is very delicious!