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Feb 21, 2008 06:30 PM

Best sharpening service for wickedly sharp?

I saw good reviews for Standard Cutlery & Supply Co, Ross Cutlery, and Gary's at the Culver City Farmer's Market. Has anyone actually used more than one of these places and can recommend one over another? Ross seems a bit pricey.

I'm trying to find someone who will make my kitchen knives *scary* sharp. I've had good results using a diamond stone myself on smaller knives, but I'd like to leave my expensive kitchen knives to a professional. If it matters, they're symmetrical European - not Asian - knives.


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  1. I've used Sur La Table, Larry's Shaver Shop, and the place in Beverly Hills and none of them gave me that sharp edge you're seeking. I haven't tried this place out yet, but heard a good review about it on NPR:

    1. Ross Cutlery does brilliant work and it's worth every penny (and I don't find their prices at all out of line). I consider them artisans.

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        Agree on all points on Ross. Haven't tried the others, and now why would I. I looked into Sur La Table, but just really hesitated about taking my knives to a "chain" store, or some guy at a farmers market. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'd rather have very specialized hands working on my knives, at a shop whose whole point of existence is the focus on blades.

      2. Where is Ross Cutlery? I too would like to have my knives TRUELY sharpened.

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            I keep wondering if any of the places around town do Japanese knives (ie generally single edged knives with harder alloys). Does Ross? I think I asked around at Sur La Table and they wouldn't touch my Tojiro with a ten foot pole.

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              I haven't actually had my knives sharpened at Ross, but I stopped in one day a few months ago after lunch at Grand Central Market, and asked if they do Globals as well as German knives. The fellow I spoke to said yes.

              1. re: Debbie W

                Globals aren't chisel ground blades like Roger's Tojiro knives. Global uses a steeper edge (16 degree vs. German 20), but is still a normal western symmetrical grind.

          2. I also suggest Ross. They have always done my knives justice.
            Then walk across the street to the farmers market and have a fantastic lunch while you wait.

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            1. re: girlwonder

              The website for Ross says quite explicitly that knife sharpening takes at least 1-2 days. I'd be willing to pay their prices if I could save an extra trip downtown and have them sharpened as I had lunch. Will they do this? Call ahead? Any days better than others?

              1. re: nosh

                When I stopped in a few months ago, I asked about same-day service. I think they said they could do quick (like an hour or so) service for an extra dollar per knife. My thought was to ride down there on the red line (with my knives, lol), drop off the knives, have lunch at GCM, then pick up the knives. I couldn't really get my head around taking all my knives on the subway, so I didn't do that (at least not yet). Call to verify on the quick service.

            2. Ross always does a great job on my knives. I was very unimpressed with the guy at the Hollywood farmer's market.