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Feb 21, 2008 06:17 PM

Graduation dinner in Providence

I will be graduating towards the end of May and I'm looking for a restaurent that a) could manage 8-9 people and b) is upscale but not so stuffy as to dampen the mood. While my family is not obnoxious, we're definitely a boisterous crowd. As of this posting, I have a reservation for Bacaro, but all the negative postings have made me nervous. Any recommendations? (Also, there will be at least three vegetarians, myself included, although I'm more than willing to go with the standard "tasting of vegetables," so long as everyone else is content). Final preference: decent wine service. Hope I haven't described the impossible...

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  1. If you are boisterous you may feel comfortable at mediteraneo or Siena , both on Atwells avenue...

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      I agree w/those and will add Ten Prime Steak & Sushi. Not a fan myself but many seem to love it and a boisterous crowd would not be a problem. Out of the 3, I like Siena best.

      1. re: JaneRI

        Based on Jane's recommendation, I took my son, his two roommates (class of 2010) and one of the roomie's parents to Ten Prime Steak and Sushi when moving them in this past September. We thought the food was great, the service was very attentive but not over-bearing, we all loved the atmosphere and we had a great evening.

        Between us we had steak, sushi, shrimp/ chicken satays, crab cakes and a number of sides. We would definitely consider going back in 2 years for a grad celebration.The only thing we found was that it was hard to find and found it difficult to navigate back to the hotel. I could be directionally challenged however........

        Congrats on your upcoming grad and best wishes in the future!

        1. re: JaneRI

          Agree that Siena is the best of the three.

          Since ilovebread is a wine drinker, I'd skip Ten; all of Elkay's restaurants are the biggest wine ripoffs in the city. His wine prices are unreal.

      2. Keep your Bacaro reservation, their earlier problems have been solved. I went with 2 friends recently and everything was amazing. The service was the best I have ever gotten in prov. (I am picky), and the food was fantatics, the alfredo with lentils and squash was heaven.

        1. Thanks to all for your responses. As of now, I'm inclined to follow Rose125's advice and hold on to the original reservation. Bacaro sounds like the best fit for my family and if it's fixed the problems with service (which generated the most complaints, it seems) then hopefully it should be a nice night. Don't stop suggesting, though, if you have other ideas