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Feb 21, 2008 05:40 PM

Rhode Island Lobster/Seafood Sources

I am making mini lobster quiches for a cocktail party on Saturday, and was wondering if anyone had a good recomendation for where to purchase lobsters. It may just be the only food item I've never purchased and cooked myself. Closer to Providence would be prefered, as I don't have too much time to be running about.


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  1. At this point with the weather the way it is, I'd say just go to your local supermarket.

    Otherwise, when I've gone looking for lobsters, I've bought off the boats at the marina in Galilee next to the Great Island bridge, but that tends to be in the summer....

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      i bought a 2 lb lobster last week,after i cooked it,i pulled all the meat out of the shell,and theres was maybe a cup of meat,Ouch!$20 dollars for a cup of lobster meat,good luck.i might use scallop or something else right now.i got the lobster from my local guy here in bristol,maybe nows not the time for lobster,,,

    2. Cant speak to Providence, but Champlins in Galilee is great, and I think there is a branch in Wickford, closer to Providence.

      1. Aquidneck Lobster Pound in Newport - at the end of Bowen's Wharf. They are very nice and will cook the lobster for you if you call ahead. - oh, just looked, you must have cooked already.

        1. I've always been happy with Tony's on Rt 6 in Seekonk. When I'm making lobster salad I call ahead and buy the lobster meat cooked and shelled. The price per pound will seem high (around $40 usually), but I don't think you save too much money doing it yourself. The yield on a 2 lb lobster, as another poster noted, isn't great. For some reason, I think lobsters taste even sweeter in the winter.