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Feb 21, 2008 05:37 PM

dinner near Battery Park City?

In late March, I'm hosting people for dinner who will be staying at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Battery Park City. The dinner will be only an hour or two after their arrival at the hotel. So, they would prefer to "walk" to dinner rather take a cab to some other neighborhood in the city.

Any chowhound recommendations for a place walkable from Embassy Suites? Don't want a dress up or too formal place, but any style/ethnicity and price point are ok. Delicious with fun/lively atmosphere (i.e. not deserted after dark) is the goal.

Thanks for your recommendations.

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  1. Hi cortez,

    I have plenty of business partners who stayed at Embassy before. Your easiest bet is probably PJ Clarks at the Winter Garden in World Financial Center (right across the street). It is American/Irish pub fare so it is very causal and has a TV at the bar area. They also have raw bar on top of burgers and steaks, so most people should be able to find something that they like.
    There is also Lili's next to Embassy Suites which serves ok Chinese food (depending on what you order) and the place is very clean with a good decor). It is quite empty at night as most people order take out or delivery during dinner time. I will avoid all their Japanese offerings.

    Southwest in WFC has some ok Tex Mex food but the service can be dreadful. It is certainly very lively because there are a lot of business people going there for happy hours and drinks.

    For anything else, you will probably have to go to Greenwich or Murray Street. It isn't too far of a walk (about 10 mins?) as long as the weather is good and people aren't too tired. On Greenwich I will recommend Salaam Bombay for Indian (it's causal yet slightly upscale -i.e. not a hole in the wall - Indian restaurant). They also serve a buffet lunch which is quite good and you may want to bring your guests there for lunch.

    If it is not weekend, these places should not be too empty. During weekend, the whole WFC (or the financial district for that matter) is more or less a ghost town.

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    1. re: kobetobiko

      Kobe: Thanks very much for your recommendations.

      Have you been to the Les Halles downtown branch across from the World Trade Center site? I've read about it on other sites. I would expect the service to be spotty but would be interested if the food was good and the atmosphere lively. Any comments?


    2. It really depends on how far you are willing to walk. The suggestions for WFC are definitely the closest, although I'm not really a fan of eating there at dinner. Kinda depressing in an office-parkish way. Plus in March you probably won't be able to eat outside on the harbor.

      If you are willing to walk across West st. into Tribeca, some of the closer options that you might consider are Blaue Gans (spacious, bustling bistro with good Austrian/German food); Bouley Upstairs (no reservations so depends on what day/time you are looking for); Nam (upscale-ish Vietnamese in comfortable setting) or Duane Park Cafe.

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      1. re: lchang

        I agree with ichang. Take the walk to Tribeca, there is not much by Embassy Suites although ,,Roy's would be a good choice, or Gigino's. But in Tribeca the choice's are many. All the one's Ichang listed, then you can add Industrio Argentina, Chanterelle, Tribeca Grill, LandMarc, Plataforma, Wolfgang for steak,,, it's endless. Take the walk,,its 5 minute walk from embassy suites. IF youre in a big rush ,,just get some chinese food right at the suites at Lilly's

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          While I agree with both lchang and foodwhisperer on the having more choices and better food in Tribeca, i have to put the fact that the OP's guests will just be arriving at the hotel an hour or two beforehand. I assume they may be just coming from the airport?
          In my experience, people usually get tired after a flight and tend to just want to stay and eat in the hotel. The walk across the hotel tends to be the most preferrable for my guests who stayed in ES in the past. Walking to Greenwich and Murray St is quite acceptable when the weather is good, and it takes about 5-10 mins (unless you walk really fast, and if walking in a group it takes longer). Walking to Tribeca takes another 10 mins.

          Most of the time if my guests wanted to go to Tribeca from ES, we will take the cab instead because people were just tired first night and didn't want to walk. If that's the case, I will most certainly agree with the choices of Blaue Gans (I love), Landmarc (fine food and causal). foodwhisperer reminded me of Gignio's which serves decent food as well. I will not recommend Chanterelle (too stuffy), Tribeca Grill (mediocre food), or steakhouse (too heavy food for the first night). These are proably great choices for the subsequent nights, but not the first IMO.

          cortez, regarding your question on Les Halles. It takes about the same time to walk to John St where Les Halles is located vs Greenwich / Murray. The difference is that the bridge over Vesey St is covered so you don't have to wait for the traffic and you "feel" like you have to walk that far. It most certainly is better when the weather is cold. The food there is quite inconsistent, so if you do hit them on a good day, their mussels and fries, duck confit, steak frites, etc are actually quite good. Avoid all poultry and lamb selections as I have never had a good one there. The vibe is more lively and more crowded than most of the WFC places

          I hope this will give you a sense of what your options are. In the end, I will say it depends on your guests and how much they want / are willing to walk. I am not sure if your guests are flying in to NYC that day. I travel a lot and most of the time after a flight (and delays are almost unavoidable these days), the thing that I want the most once I arrive at the hotel is to have a quick dinner and go to sleep. :D

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            Another possibility is the restaurant at teh Ritz Carlton i forget the name,,,Also, Gigino's has 2 restaurants , one on Greenwich and Duane and one by the Ritz. Personally, I walk from Tribeca to the movie theatre , which is at the Embassy suites all year around as does all the Tribeca residents. It's not a bad walk ,,, from W. Broadway and Thomas, or Duane ,,,it's far from Church and Canal ,,,,but if you stick with the Bouley area its not bad walk at all IMHO

            1. re: foodwhisperer

              I think the other Gigino that you are referring to is Gigino Wagner Park on Battery Place. Not sure if this Gigino is related to the one on Greenwich, and anyhow, this is actually a longer walk to Battery place than to Greenwich (IMO). But there is a free shuttle bus (The Connection) which will bring you to West Street, and then it will be a short walk from there.

              Again, I just want to clarify that I am not saying walking to Tribeca is that terrible (trust me, I do that ALL THE TIME!). I am just trying to put on the hats of the OP's guests and that they may be tired and any kind of walks, even the short walks that are very much fine in normal circumstances, will seem a bit long and tiring when you are traveling (say after a flight or train ride)

      2. Towards the southern end of Battery Park City (about a 10 minute walk from Embassy Suites) are Kaijou (sushi) and Liberty View (Chinese/Shanghai style). Both are good - Kaijou now has it's liquor license and has nice modern decor.

        For something a bit more cozy, Kitchenette on at Chambers St (a longish walk of 15+ minutes). Might be a good choice for comfort food and sweet desserts.

        1. The Grill Room in the WFC has pretty solid food and the views are outstanding. If you're willing to take a cab, I recommend The Bridge Cafe.

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          1. re: LeahBaila

            I have to respectfully disagree on The Grill Room. I found the food there to be quite mediocre and overpriced (not surprised though about the price with its WFC location). The view, however, was most certainly outstanding.

          2. Ecco on Chambers Street is an easy walk. A casual place with excellent Italian food.

            Also: Il Giglio (a bit pricey) on Warren Street is very close. Roc would be another Italian contender a bit further away.