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Jan 24, 2002 08:47 PM

B-day dinner in OC

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Looking for a nice resturant in Orange County (anywhere from Dana Point to Newport Bch/Costa Mesa) for a birthday dinner. We would prefer a good Mexican res. but are open to suggestions. It just has to have really great food. Thanks in advance.

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    torta basilica

    Javier's in Laguna is great and alot of fun - try the queso fundido topped steak. I've never had a bad meal there - always very delicious and popular!

    Only other place I can think of is Las Brisas, also in Laguna, for 'Mexican seafood' - spectacular views & ok food - it's good, but like nothing you get in Mexico (and 5 times the price!) We've had a lot of fun parties there, though and the cliffside location is worth the price of admission.

    Not a whole lot of great Mexican restaurants in Corona del Mar or Newport.

    1. This is a far cry from Mexican, but I just ate at Basilic on Sunday and thought it was great. French-Swiss food in a cozy, small restaurant on Balboa.