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Feb 21, 2008 04:51 PM

Pizzeria Bianco (Phoenix)

Has anyone tried arriving late, like 9:45 on a weeknight, ordering a pie and sit at the bar while waiting for it. Can you eat at the bar? Take home what you don't finish?

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  1. Arriving late will probably not significantly reduce your wait time. There are two "bars". One in the restaurant is considered seating, and is not "up for grabs", as at many other restaurants. The other bar, Bar Bianco, is actually next door, and is a good spot to wait to be seated at the pizzeria. You can't order pizza at Bar Bianco, but they do have a nice selection of light fare (cheese, meats, olives, etc.) Once you are seated in the pizzeria and have ordered and enjoyed your pizza, they will box up your left overs. They don't do any take-out though. There really aren't any "tricks". I always find it to be worth the wait, though. And the hostess always says thank-you so much for waiting, which I think is nice. They seem to appreciate the fact that people will wait 2 plus hours to dine there, and don't take it for granted.

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      I've always felt that their hostesses have been amazingly organized and courteous, despite the constant rush; that says alot about how they feel about their customers.

      BTW, the only way to reheat the leftovers is in a dry cast iron skillet - it's the ultimate breakfast.

      1. re: azhotdish

        Leftovers? What are those? We got our own pizza each time (plus shared a salad once) and finished every last crumb.

        1. re: Eujeanie

          I do want to say that while I love the pizza, my husband doesn't really "get" it. He's more of a Chicago Deep Dish guy, and he goes to indulge me, but he just doesn't truly "get" it.

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            I am planning a trip to Phoenix from NY in two weeks and absolutely must try PB. If I come around 4:45pm on a Tuesday or Wednesday before the place opens, is there a good chance of being seated within reasonable time?

            1. re: Dyna

              that depends what you mean by reasonable ;) you'll definitely get in, but probably not the first sitting. you'd have to be there closer to 4:30 for that. but really, the wait is pleasant. bar bianco next door is beautiful, the weather is great, and everyone knows you're in for a wait so no one is upset..have some wine, make some friends, and enjoy your visit :)

              1. re: Dyna

                You would probably be sitting down by 7:00. Maybe 6:30.

                1. re: Dyna

                  I was there at 3pm and was the first party. Within ten minutes others showed up. I would go as early as possible if you wish to make the first seating.

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