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Feb 21, 2008 04:44 PM

Julia Child autobiography

There is, sadly, no real place to ask this question generally of a lot of people, now that this site is so splintered, but has anyone read the Julia Child autobiographical "My Life in France"? Something fascinating about her discovery of good food, and something very appealing about her life and enthusiasm.

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  1. I've read it and enjoyed it very much. Highly recommended for all Julia fans.

    1. I bought it this summer and planned on reading it. I read Julie & Julia instead. What does that say about me? Still going to read it!

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        I'm reading it right now and really enjoying it so far! I read "Julie & Julia" last year and detested it, which is unusual for me because I usually love most food-related memoirs. I found it incredibly whiny and self-conscious. So if you loved J&J I wonder what you'll think of "My Life in France"? ;-)

      2. oh, I really loved that book. A wonderful read by a great lady. I think you'll really enjoy it. Her joy and enthusiasm for life, her kindness and eccentricities make it very charming.

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          It's a lovely and delightful memoir...charming photos and such a clear delight in food, love and life. Makes you wish we'd had more of her...makes you wish more cooks, more people were like her.

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            I really loved the book and agree with all of karenfinan's comments. I did not like Julie and Julia.

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              I liked the idea of Julie and Julia but it turned out to be more "chick lit" rather than "food lit." Don't get me wrong, I've read and enjoyed some "chick lit" but that's not really what I was expecting I guess. It was kind of fun to read about her and her husband's search for various ingredients. I remember thinking, she'd never be able to get that here (Nashville).

              I received My Life in France for Christmas and it is next on my reading list. I have peeked at the pictures. :)

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                Judith Jones said that Julia was appauled by the blog. Theres a really interesting interview if you search either Julia's or Jones' name at npr.com.

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                  That wouldn't surprise me - I enjoyed reading the blog, but I'm sure my grandmother (and my mother, for that matter) would have been appalled by it too. Lots of swearing and drunkeness!! Not that I imagine that Julia was an angel, but Julie certainly is a character.

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                    actually, i think the problem julia had with the blog was the idea that cooking from "mastering" was some big challenge. she had worked very hard to make the book accessible and make sure all the recipes were perfect. she felt it had been made into the object of a joke. and that she did not appreciate.

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                      According to the interview, Child was offended by all the profanity. She was from a different age and all..

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                        that may be what the interview said, but that's not what julia told me. she didn't "appreciate" the profanity, but she was no bluenose. and what offended her was julie's seeming to take "mastering" as a joke.

          2. I read this last month and couldn't put it down. It's facinating and now I've gone back to re-read Mastering the Art!

            1. I GREATLY enjoyed listening to the audiobook version while commuting this last fall. Im just full of admiration for her tremendous enthusiasm, charm and hard work. Its very well done - Julia was not really able in her last years to do this on her own - she collaborated with a man who put it together, mostly from Julia and Paul Child's contemporary letters, so it has a very personal, immediate flavor of the times she describes rather than being a retrospective look. So much fun and I too want to cook from her books now that I understand what she went through writing them!