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Feb 21, 2008 04:14 PM

PDX hound coming to Philly

I'm originally from PA but its been a while since I've been in Philly with time to eat...I've been checking the PA board and here's what I'm thinking/needing help with:

I'm staying at Loew's downtown for four days first week in March. Breakfast and lunch seems pretty much covered by RTM, I've had the roast pork and can't wait for more (do they still have the greens?). I'm in need of two different type of dinners:

One for a small group, I'm thinking a good BYOB, are there any within walking distance, if not what's worth traveling for? Related, is there a liquor store downtown near the hotel? Osteria also seemed like it might fit the bill...

Two, on the Friday night I'm going to have a pretty large group 8-12 to feed after a drinks party at the hotel. Last year in Chicago we went to one of popular big greek places and it worked well, better than decent food at a restaurant used to dealing efficiently with a big, polite, but somewhat boisterous, group. Looking at the board, it seems like Vietnam might fit the bill for this, thoughts or other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. ah, a year ago to the day i was in portland! my favorite city outside of phila!

    well, i prefer vietnam palace, right across the street, i'd say it's probably more spacious for a big group like that. i took a big group to rangoon (burmese) and they just loved it. both walking distance.

    hrm, if your smaller group is 4 or less, chloe is a good walk... on arch between 2nd and 3rd. (arch is a block above market... you'd turn left onto the numbered streets from market) that's about a 10-min walk, but it's a fun walk with a lot of sights to take in.

    if you're up for something unexpected for the east coast that you could probably go home and brag to your left coast friends about, you should totally try horizons. it's another 10-12 min walk from your hotel, at 7th and south. all vegan, all so good you'd never believe it. :)

    p.s. for plcb locations and other BYO ideas...

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    1. re: rabidog

      DiNic's still has the spinach greens and in the past year they have added broccoli rabe which has been a hit too. If you're unsure whice one to get, you can get it with half one and half the other. For that matter you can ask for it extra juicy or whatever, they are always happy to oblige.

      There is a liquor store directly between the Loew's and Reading Terminal Market on 12th St. across from the side of the Marriott (or behind the Hard Rock). Dunno if it's any good though.

      Holler if you need more RTM recommendations.

      1. re: bluehensfan

        That's a pretty crappy liquor store, but there is one on Chestnut between 12th and 13th, closer to 13th, that is pretty good. (Chestnut being one block below Market, OP)

    2. coals to newcastle, perhaps, but you should try some of the local beers while you're here - flying fish, doghead, yards. we don't have the variety of the PNW, and the actual brewpubs aren't as good, but there are some good pubs, and there are some very good local brews.

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      1. re: Bob Loblaw

        I "grew up" on Yuengling and am a big fan of Stoudt's so I'm happy with tipping back a PA brew. Is Standard Tap worth going to?

        Wine-wise, however I'm thinking of bringing my own along from OR ... I definitely don't miss the PA LCB. Thanks for all the suggestions so far.

        1. re: primitivecinema

          love standard tap!! there are a ton of options there. also check out johnny brenda's (same owner i think) up in fishtown... they have live music too, one of the best venues in the city! beers are plentiful and cheap there.

      2. There is an excellent BYOB called Mercato, at 1216 Spruce. They take reservations at certain times - I'm not sure if it's pre-theater weekdays, or after that. Really good. It's four blocks away. Small and crowded, if that's okay.
        A little farther is one of our best Italian BYOB's, Branzino. It's on 17th,just north of Spruce - a little far to walk. Lovely ambience, comfortable, very good food. They take reservations.

        I think Vietnam is a good choice for your Friday night group. We like Vietnam Palace also, but Vietnam is attractive and popular.