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Feb 21, 2008 04:14 PM

Saturday brunch on UWS

Any recommendations?

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  1. Isabella's is great, but I really cannot pass up the lox at Barney Greengrass. It's just too good.

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    1. re: JungMann

      2nd Barney Greengrass.

      I also like Nice Matin and The Neptune Room.

      1. re: JungMann

        the things I love about Barney Greengrass: the smoked fish (all of them), the servers (they can carry on cogent, funny, philosophical convos while balancing coffee cups and platters of fish, they're not omnipresent and also not completely absentee, and they have a sense of self respect), and the divey digs.

        what i don't like about bg: all of the food other than the smoked fish.

        i don't send ppl there unless i know they love smoked fish (or lox, i guess) and don't mind or actively like the no-frills atm.

      2. A list of the "standards":
        Good Enough to Eat
        Ocean Grill
        Fairway Market Cafe
        Popover Cafe
        Ej's Luncheonette.

        Personally, I just head to my favorite diner, Viand.

        All of the foregoing places tend to be crowded on weekends.

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        1. re: Ora

          I am a fan of Sarabeths. Any place that makes home made jam gets my vote.

        2. If you want the newest addition to the list, Jonathan Waxman's Madeliene Mae on Colombus at 82nd.

            1. I too like Barney Greengrass and Popover Cafe (popovers with strawberry butter mmmmm).

              If you are further up on the UWS, we also like Roth's Westside Steakhouse (93rd & Columbus; excellent french toast) and Gabriela's (94th & Columbus; Mexican).