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Feb 21, 2008 04:11 PM

Drinks in Williamsburg?

Any suggestions for a quiet, comfy place for drinks near the train?

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  1. I really like Harefield Road just off the Graham Ave stop on the L. Plenty of places to sit, tons of beer on tap. Though, the furniture is all wooden and uncushioned.

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      I am with you on Harefield Road. It is a great place with a mix of hipsters and regular people. We go there often, the owners are really cool. I prefer this place to fighting the super-hipsters of Bedford area.

    2. Spike Hill on Bedford. It's spitting distance from the L stop. I had always ignored this place, but my friend and I decided to stop in there for a drink before we parted ways one evening. They have a very extensive, and reasonably priced beer selection. I was delighted to see that I could get a Fin du Monde for less then 7 dollars.
      They have booths that they reserve for people ordering food, but after 11 they open up to bar patrons. They are very cozy and secluded.

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        best thing about spike is standing at the window in the summer and watching the attractive if often silly dressed hipster/rich kids walking by. it's easily nyc's best people watching perch.

      2. the new hotel delmano (berry & n. 9th) is a beautiful space, softish music and 3-separate rooms to moderate the atmosphere. it's a mixologist, cocktail place a la pegu club, flatiron lounge and east side company bar. can go a little high on the hipster quotient with some of the staff and clientele... but still nice.

        generally not crowded in the winter time, and thus quiet, the bar / cafe area of the restaurant juliette (n. 5th just west of bedford) is fine for a couple drinks in a french brasserie atmosphere. food's nothing special.

        1. I've gotta give big seconds to Harefield Road (same owners as Pencil Factory) and Spike Hill. Both have good vibes, great beer, and Spike Hill has one of the best fish and chips in NY.

          If you want something slightly more cocktail-ish, Huckleberry Bar on Grand between Leonard and Lorimer, is pretty good if you're willing to walk a few blocks from the Lorimer stop, but I'd suggest it only on a weeknight as the weekend's get a little crazy.

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            I second Huckleberry. I find most places with "fancy" drinks make them overly complicated and sweet. These were not, even the weird ones. Just very very good.

          2. Does anyone know what the name of that little speakeasy place is? I don't have a lot to go on because I stumbled into the place drunk but it was incredibly charming with chandaliers, small rooms, a polished (iron? copper?) bar and delicious cocktails. I really should have got the's on a corner off Grand? Bedford?

            Anyway...Iona is a great Scottish'll think you're in Great Britain. They even have London Pride cask ale.

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              I think you're referring to Hotel Delmano (mentioned above):

              Fancy cocktail place that has a stunning antique decor. Drinks are priced similar to Death & Co. or PDT.

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                If a speakeasy on Grand is all the memory you've got to go on, then I'd actually wager that you stumbled into Larry Lawrence -

                Larry Lawrence
                295 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

                1. re: CalJack

                  I don't think so--this was all one level...but I'm gonna check that place out. Thanks!