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Feb 21, 2008 04:08 PM

Good "Stinky Tofu" and street food in HK?

Hi all,

I'll be in HK for about 2 weeks in the beginning of March. Last time I was there 3 years ago, I could really find any good street food, especially Stinky Tofu. The ones that I managed to run into weren't nearly as good as the ones I remember from childhood.

So can someone suggest where I can found some good street food especially stinky tofu in HK? Other locations for hole in a wall restaurant or "Da Lan"(Chiu Chow) restaurants would be appreciated too!



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  1. Oh I want to know too ! I have been trying to search for good Stinky Tofu in MongKok but failed to do so, they are not fresh and re-fried ! Not stinky enough. But even that, there are quite a lots of people buying at those street stalls at Mongkok.

    For curry fish ball, spicy beef ball and pig intestines, the one across the street from Sogo in Causeway bay are very good ! There are also a good one just outside the MTR of Wan Chai.

    1. When I was in HK, I got my Stinky Tofu from the 'first' stall in 'woman street' across from the Gas station next to Mongkok's police station. Actually, you can follow the smell

      Yes, the stall as mentioned by skylineR33 in Causeway bay is very good. Especially the intestine!! Taste great with a bit of Hoisin sauce and Chinese mustard!

      1. "chong fat" in kln city has excellent chiu chou, though they aren't da lang.

        don't know if you're looking for 'gai darn jai' (egg waffles), but good ones are few and far between nowadays.
        there are 2 that i swear by (well, almost) -
        1. Cannon St, Causeway Bay, if you're heading from the back of Sogo on Lockhart Road, it's the first st on your right (there'll be a 7-11 there)
        2. Granville St, TST - there are 2 now, but as far as i know only one of them is the 'original', it's near the izzue store and it's the one on Granville proper, not the one tucked into a corner. Coming down from TST MTR, it'll be on the right hand side of the st.