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Feb 21, 2008 03:47 PM

Where to buy Louisiana sausage in DFW?

Does anyone know where you can buy real Louisiana sausage in the Dallas area? I'm looking for Manda's, Savoie's or something similar. Thanks!

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  1. Bayou Boys Cajun Specialty
    101 E Southwest Pkwy Ste 118
    Lewisville, TX 75067-2315
    Phone: (972) 434-0353

    Fiesta in Plano on K & Parker carries Boudin. I don't remember the brand but it is the real thing. Cajun Boys carries a wide variety of products. You can always call them and they will bring in what you like. I personally love Cajun Power hot sauce and they carry it.

    1. Hirsch's has andouille (house made-smoked and non-smoked)

      Might try Mr Billy's Cajun Market on Arapaho close to the Tollway - they have coupons in the Dallas Passbook and also some Clipper magazine

      Found a new place goggling cajun - dallas.....Interesting....might see if they have a source here

      Might asked the talented Tom Spicer at FM New Orleans raised and has great Kalimbass website. He is a very interesting guy to talk to and he might know some great places.
      Tom Spicer

      Chef Ivan Pugh at Alligator Cafe might know of a source

      Rudolphs in Deep Ellum might make some...haven't been in a while so I can't say for sure tun on your pop up blocker

      I am pretty sure Kuby's in Snider Plaza has boudin or them to see

      1. Brookshire's Grocery stores sometimes carry Manda brand sausage (I've found it in the Allen and Wylie stores). I'd call first but have gotten the regular, spicy & green onion sausage at the Wylie store.

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          1. Try cjs boudin and sausage in Lewisville tx 3372925095 they also deliver...great food