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Any local Charcuteries in Oregon or Washington?

Does any one know of any locally produced Charcuteries in Oregon?

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  1. Viande meats in City Market on NW 21st in Portland.

    If you're interested in Washington, I believe that there's a little place in Seattle--what was the name of the guy--Armando something? :^)

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      The name of the place is Salumi, founded by Armandino Batali (Mario's father).


    2. Salumi on Second Ave in downtown Seattle is stellar. Try the finocchiona -it is addictive. See http://www.salumicuredmeats.com/produ.... The Metropolitan Markets in Seattle also carry some of their cured meats.

      If you're ever downtown at lunchtime, try to shoe horn yourself in the door and eat whatever they've got cooking that day. And if you spy an older lady in the window making cannelloni, by all means have one of those for dessert.

      1. Thanks guys. Nothing in Oregon?

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          Like Nettie said, Viande in City Market on NW 21st (and Johnson) makes their own sausages, pates, terrines and sometimes other yummy tidbits like cassoulet. They cure their own ham too. They don't make much in the way of cured sausages/salumi but their fresh sausages and their pates/terrines are worth the trip.

        2. You will find an incredible selection of charcuterie at Elephants deli just of W Burnside, with plenty of choices from Salumi...

          1. There's an Italian place in Klamath Falls that is playing with charcuterie. Great meats and a nice selection of house pickled veggies. Bel Tramonto is the name of the place. Looks like a nice variety with good quality even though they're pretty new at the aged meat trade. If you're ever in Southern Oregon, they are worth checking out.

            1. Eidelweiss Sausage Co. and Deli, Portland, OR
              Specializes in German style cured and/or smoked meats, liverkase, and the like, most made in-house. There's a huge variety of stuff available. House-made sauerkraut and potato salads as well. Also has a lot of packaged foods and mixes, wines, beers, sweets and other items from Germany and nearby regions. Wide variety and good quality, but limited hours. Very crowded Saturday mornings; be absolutely sure you take a number. http://www.edelweissdeli.com/

              Next door to Eidelweiss is the Berlin Inn, a wonderful German restaurant. No relation, just neighbors, though they do serve some of Eidelweiss's sausage. DO NOT miss the desserts.

              Otto's Sausage Kitchen, Portland, OR
              A small neighborhood meat market and deli that also makes their own sausages, salami, bacon, jerky, smoked salmon and similar products. Tends toward German style, but has a wider focus and smaller selection then Eidelweiss; I like Otto's products even better. Otto's will also process and/or smoke game for local hunters.
              Famous for hot dogs (named one of the 10 best dogs in the nation by Jane & Michael Stern, among others). Definitely do try a hot dog; you can get one hot off the charcoal grill out front, or buy 'em by the pound at the meat counter. Either way, they are not to be missed.

              A number of restaurants in Portland make their own charcuterie (sp?); for example, Beast is well known for its cured meats plate. Dunno if it's available to take away though.

              Otto's Sausage Kitchen
              4138 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

              Edelweiss Sausage Co & Delicatessen
              3119 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

              Berlin Inn Restaurant & Bakery
              3131 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97202

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                Oh, you have just totally made my day. I just took a job off Powell, and I was marveling at all my lunch options to the east (bahn mi galore!), but I had utterly forgotten about Edelweiss to my west. Mmmm...I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow!

              2. Bravarian Meats in the Pike Place market makes much of the Teutonic style cured meats locally.

                Additionally there is a little shop on Madison, whose name I can’t recall; also makes some of their Eastern European type bacons etc.

                1. Best house made meats in Oregon are actually at a restaurant in Portland on the East side, Castagna. The executive chef breaks down a suckling pig most weeks, also a lamb every month or so. He makes everything from guancale to rillons to sausages and pancetta. His cassoulet is to die for! He doesn't sell out of house yet, but you should keep an eye on him- Elias Cairo. He's a very talented young chef. By the way, Beast doesn't do any of the curing in house, so thats not really the same thing as far as I'm concerned. The only people in Portland who do their own curing are Cairo and Greg Higgins (as well as at Viande meats in City market). I think John Gorram might do some stuff up at Torro Bravo as well.

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                    The butcher in City Market is now called Chop. It is owned and operated by previous Viande folks Eric and Paula. They are still turning out great pates, terrines, sausages, etc.

                    Though I have never had the charcuterie plate at Castagna, I have to say that the last time I had cassoulet there I was very disappointed.

                    ANd yes, John Gorham does some wonderful stuff up at Toro Bravo.

                  2. As long as we're resurrecting this thread, Hans' Delicatessen in Burien, WA.