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Feb 21, 2008 03:35 PM

Need help finding an OC caterer for my wedding

Hey everybody,
I am getting married in July in San Clemente, and we are expecting about 90 people for the reception. We need help finding a caterer that meets two core requirements: 1) the food must be good (the fiance and I are admitted foodies); and 2) we want the caterer to provide the food and the "equipment" (i.e. plates, silverware, serving trays, etc). Basically, I want someone to take care of everything food-related for the event. Drinks are not necessary - we are providing our own bar for the event. Oh, and we are going to have buffet-service (not waiter-service or anything).

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. What type of food are you looking to serve at your wedding?

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      Honestly? Anything. Something generally pleasing to everybody - nothing too extreme or anything. We're okay with asian food, lebanese food, american food, italian, etc etc etc.....

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        My friend had a korean food catered at his son's birthday and it was excellent. The galbi was excellent and everyone seemed to be enjoying the dishes. Check out Shinmi Catering located in LA.

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      1. Johnnyman,

        My company is a chef's collective that also does catered events. We have experience doing weddings and catered events, and many of our chefs also have backgrounds as private chefs. We do a range of cuisines and tailor the menu and catering of your event to your preferences, along with a personal touch that captures your style. We also work with local wedding planners and vendors that might be able to help you plan other aspects of your wedding, or simply provide you with good contacts to give you ideas.

        Also, we're hosting a networking event for prospective brides and grooms that will give you an opportunity to meet and talk with some of these people, as well as to celebrate the excitement of your wedding and marriage. We'll provide the food, drinks, and entertainment, and invite you to come have a good time and meet some good people. If you'd like to learn more about our event, called White, feel free to email me at

        I wish you luck in your wedding plans!


        1. Have you tried Blueberry Hill? They are in Long Beach but serve Orange County. You can find some info on their meals at:


          Also, OC Jewish Life recently had an article about caterers covering Orange county - it's available online here:

          I've also been to events catered by Shanghai Diamond, a Kosher Chinese restaurant in LA...

          1. Primal Alchemy is great - chef Paul Buchanan very interesting and easy to work with: