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Feb 21, 2008 03:17 PM

Easter Brunch?

I need recs for a good Easter brunch, a place where my kids can wear their "Easter dresses" but that will be yummy too. Please help!

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  1. Any geographic presence? Are you a buffet person or not? Brunch buffets at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena are very good and I think the same is true at the swanky beach hotels in Orange County (St. Regis, Montage, Ritz Carlton). For non-brunch options, I am a big fan of the brunch at Joe's on Abbot Kinney in Venice -- great price for top quality food.

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      Probably a buffet would be preferable, but not mandatory. Los Angeles area only - we are in SFV and would drive within reason, but OC is too far.

    2. campanile does a lovely easter brunch, kids and all if you'll spend the money.

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        1. THE RACETRACK!!!!
          We went last year... not sure if it's at Hollywood or Santa Anita?
          You pay a flat rate, it's in the clubhouse.... The food was AMAZING!! I was soooooo surprised! And there were alot of people dressed nicely, and it was kid friendly. Everyone had a great time, and we did it on a whim.... and were very glad we did. :)

          Also, if you are in the valley... they have a great $15 brunch at the Simi Town Center called Limon. (champagne included) If you don't go for easter... you should check it out anyways!!
          Good luck!

          1. My family and I go to the Ritz in Pasadena every year. We love it. They have a big egg hunt, petting zoo, and great brunch.