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Easter Brunch?

I need recs for a good Easter brunch, a place where my kids can wear their "Easter dresses" but that will be yummy too. Please help!

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  1. Any geographic presence? Are you a buffet person or not? Brunch buffets at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena are very good and I think the same is true at the swanky beach hotels in Orange County (St. Regis, Montage, Ritz Carlton). For non-brunch options, I am a big fan of the brunch at Joe's on Abbot Kinney in Venice -- great price for top quality food.

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      Probably a buffet would be preferable, but not mandatory. Los Angeles area only - we are in SFV and would drive within reason, but OC is too far.

    2. campanile does a lovely easter brunch, kids and all if you'll spend the money.

      1. THE RACETRACK!!!!
        We went last year... not sure if it's at Hollywood or Santa Anita?
        You pay a flat rate, it's in the clubhouse.... The food was AMAZING!! I was soooooo surprised! And there were alot of people dressed nicely, and it was kid friendly. Everyone had a great time, and we did it on a whim.... and were very glad we did. :)

        Also, if you are in the valley... they have a great $15 brunch at the Simi Town Center called Limon. (champagne included) If you don't go for easter... you should check it out anyways!!
        Good luck!

        1. My family and I go to the Ritz in Pasadena every year. We love it. They have a big egg hunt, petting zoo, and great brunch.

          1. I have to second the Santa Anita Race Track. Every year, we host an Easter party for family and friends. Two years ago, we hosted it at the race track. It was a blast for everyone! We were set up for our own private party under one of the pavilions on the in-field, equipped with a BBQ, tables, chairs. We brought the steaks, salmon, stuffed mushrooms, etc. for grilling, salads, sides, desserts, and beverages. If you don't want to BYOFood, they offer buffets. Given that it was Family Fun Day + Easter, the kids in our group got to enjoy pony rides, carnival games, face painting, the moon bounce, and an Easter egg hunt. The best part? The cost to reserve a private party on the in-field + admission + parking was only $10 per adult and the kids were free!!

            Last year, we had brunch at Almansor Court Restaurant in Alhambra. Very reasonably priced (under $20 for adults). The food was good and very plentiful. How can you go wrong with king crab legs, poached salmon, an omelet bar, a waffle bar, a carving station, etc. etc.? We also held our own Easter hunt on the outskirts of the golf course, then the kids got to practice their putting skills on the putting green afterwards.

            FYI, Langham Hotel in Pasadena (formerly the Ritz) does offer Easter brunch at $90 (!)per adult, $35 per child.

            Not sure where we'll host our annual event this year. I'm hoping to get ideas from this post as well!

            1. I've had good Eater Brunches at:

              The Inn of the Seventh Ray

              Marmalade Cafe, Sherman Oaks branch

              Granita (now defunct)

              The Saddle Peak Lodge

              I know that the Inn Of the sSeventh Ray has a vegetarian buffet, a meat as wel a tarain buffet (for a little more) and a la carte on normal brunches, I forget if it is the same for easter.

              Marmalade is not a buffet, but the brunches are great.

              Saddle peak does pre fixe for easter with a few options per course.

              Granita, as I said, is gone (sniffle). That was a great brunch!

              1. Far for you...but the brunch at Trump Ntnl. in Palos Verdes is supposed to be good, and I see they have an egg hunt and visit from the Easter Bunny. Just trying to help you explore all the options.

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                  It was definitely good before it was owned by Trump and I suspect that even Trump couldn't screw up a good brunch, especially in a place with such gorgeous views. It's one of the few places in LA that challenged my theory that good views and good food cannot go together.

                2. On Sunset at the Luxe Hotel always has a great Sunday brunch. The Easter Menu looks very good. This is where my family will be celebrating:
                  Easter Menu:
                  Easter Brunch featuring: A made-to-order egg station, French crepes, waffles, blueberry pancakes, a carving station with leg of lamb, honey roasted ham, roasted salmon and other sides, smoked salmon, smoked swordfish, shrimp cocktail, King Crab legs, artisan breads, bagels, pastries, cookies, cakes, a salad bar, and refreshments including champagne, Mimosas, Bellinis, teas, coffees and juices