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Feb 21, 2008 02:09 PM

ISO good croissants and cheese the north part of the GTA

Hi all, I hope this doesn't come across as another flat "where I can find..." post (but it is).

I'm hoping to find these things somewhere in the Richmond Hill/Markham/Thornhill/Vaughn area, although any suggestions involving venturing out further are also welcome.

- Croissants that are comparable to those at Celestin, Rahier or Jules. Which is to say, flakey, buttery compact, non-fluffy, non-bloated. I haven't come across any individual bakeries that make them, and all the Brunos/Longos/Loblaws etc. don't have what I am looking for. In fact, so far what I have seen in those places are *twice* as big as what I have in mind!

- Cheese shops that have more the "artesanal" type of cheeses from Europe, just like what we find at Alex Farms, WH etc. in Toronto. I'm looking for a place with more variety than just the same brands we see in the stores I mentioned above. I have already visited Concord Food Centre and Grand Cheese on Yonge.

Any hidden gems I might have missed in the area? Thanks for sharing.

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  1. There's a pretty good Olympic Cheest Mart (same as the one in St Lawrence Market) on Woodbine just south of 407.

    7780 Woodbine Ave
    Markham, ON
    L3R 2N7
    Telephone: (905) 944-8676

    Even though I live in Thornhill, I still drive 20 mins south to get my sunday morning croissants from Jules.

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      The cheese store is good news, if they stock similarly to the one in SLM.

      I suppose I need to go through the same trek just to get good croissants then. Thanks for the tip!

    2. I'm sure someone will get cross with me, but I happen to think that the croissants from Costco...yup, that great honking square box thing...are as good as any croissant I've had anywhere in the world. No anemic pale chewy doughy thing, these are perfectly browned outside crispy and flaky, and the inside is just the right amount of buttery melt in your mouthness. My European neighbours have a standing order that anytime I go to Costco, I'm to bring back a box of 12. They don't last long here, either...altho they freeze up beautifully, too.

      1. We've moved from RH so I hope it's still there...

        A bakery - sorry, don't have the name, for you to try out - it's in the NE strip mall on the corner of #16 and Yonge.

        This is my destination for (rich and moist) carrot cake with authentic cream cheese icing- you order ahead. Great memories from my 40th birthday bash!!! Yum!

        Good luck with your search!

        1. For anyone who might be interested in the same things, I recently found reasonable croissants, closer to this end of the GTA.

          Longos. The one on Highway 7 carries the frozen version, imported from France, and they are not bad.