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Feb 21, 2008 02:08 PM

make up my mind please on las vegas restaurants

i've gone on and on in my research in different restaurants....and now, drum roll please...we have narrowed it down from 100 to 8! not kidding. We like all restaurants, high end to low end, quirky, subdued...the main thing is delicious is the food and will we be talking about how great it was!

Del Frisco's vs Boa (wide difference I know). I keep hearing from the locals that this is a great steakhouse but they are owned by Lone Star...which is not my favorite but everyone's saying it is great. Boa...there is one in Los Angeles....but it is good? Our favorite is Mastro's and we love Charlie Palmers, vote now..which one would you go to?

Next....Wing Lei vs Okada vs Tao.....the ambiance from what I can tell is all great in all 3 but which is the one that will leave us speechless?

Rosemary's...our all time favorite...we're going can we not? unless there is one that can top it.

Casa di Amore (old school) vs Corsa Cucina (huge difference) ...I've heard not very good reviews on Corsa. Casa I hear is like the old Stefano's at the Nugget....I love Antonio's at Rio....we are looking for great Italian.

Thank you for your input and I know i'm all over the place on a kid in the candy store...but like I've said, so little time and we have so many places to choose and eat at.

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  1. I'll only comment on those I've been to...Boa is terrific and we really enjoy it. If the weather cooperates you can eat outside, which is fun. The food is very good and the room is sexy. I've not been to Del Frisco's, but it's location is central (right near the Hard Rock)...but you could go to one in many other cities.

    Okada is great, but I've been jonesing to try Wing Lei. I'm not sure Tao is about the food as much as the scene, but that's just my perceptin. Okada has great sushi and is a beautiful room.

    If you love Rosemary's, that's great; I would urge you to try Todd's (in Green Valley) or Vintner's Grill (also in Summerlin) for some other very worthy local options....

    1. i agree w lvnflyer...especially as to the local places. my additional spin - are you from scottsdale or so cal ( you reference maestro's ) if so cal have boa in hollywood and santa monica ... i like boa but the scene is just as important as the food ( then again...maestro's is too ...and i love maestro's ) - have you tried n9ne, craftsteak or stripsteak ....i think all 3 have a maestro's good food/hip quotient to it....
      now italian ...are you looking for the "red sauce" italian ( my definition - old school - primarily focusing on homestyle, americanized italian - spaghetti and meatballs/sausage, veal/chicken parmigiana . etc ) or are you looking for a more regionalized italian with a focus on simple, fresh ingredients . that being said, some of my vegas italian favs - bootlegger bistro, ferraro's, pasta mia, nora's. i still need to try rao's ( caesars ) , nove ( palms ) and cafe something or another ( rio )

      happy eating !

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        we are looking for "old school" for Italian. ...and my friend found casa di amore...our local food critic loved nora's...and have not been to the ones you mentioned. We are in our group loves atmosphere is 2nd...and Mastro's happens to be his favorite. Can you tell me about Vitner's Grill.....and thanks for the responses!

      2. BOA uses dry aged steaks while Del Frisco's is wet aged. Dry concentrates the beef flavor but is a more expensive process and some sensitive palates object to the slightly gamy flavor. Wet aging also tenderizes the meat but it is more neutral tasting but less beefy.

        I definitely prefer dry but if you have been to a wet aged steakhouse and liked it then you will probably give the edge to Del Friscos which is very good for wet aged steaks. Their turtle soup is not bad either and the wine list is much better than you would expect for Lone Star.

        It was a couple of years ago when I tried BOA. I remember the steak being a very good dry aged specimen and that it was aged longer than most. Charlie Palmer and Prime are dry aged shops so you might be a dry aging fan. There is a long Chowhound thread that covers steaks in Vegas in general that might help.

        Wing Lei is Chinese and Okada is Japanese. Both are very good at what they do but it depends on your mood. Tao was overpriced and not so good from my first and last visit about 2 years ago. Maybe it has gotten better but either Wing Lei or Okada are good choices especially if you go for the tasting menu/omakase.

        lvnflyer's comments on Vintner Grill and Todd's are very good advice that I strongly second. The only thing I would add is that the first is more Italian and the second is more seafood. Todd's seafood specials are often really good because he goes out of his way to source something special. Vintner has a very unassuming outside appearance but inside is perfectly fine and has good service too.

        I would look for some research about Corsa Cucina because it was recently taken over by Stratta of Alex so it may have gotten better. I have not eaten there since so I can't say one way or the other. Casa di Amore has speakeasy charm but was not that great.