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Feb 21, 2008 01:28 PM

RECS for Built In Gas Grill

Hi All
We are in the middle of a major house renovation. We have picked all of our home appliances, but we are still looking for an outdoor gas grill that will go on the deck. It will be built in , and about 40 inches. Any suggestions? We live in So CA and will be purchasing all of our appliances at Serv-well. We were told that the Viking has a great gas bbq (we are going with Wolf for our house range). We did a lot of research on the indoor items, and I dont want to pick the viking bbq, simply because of a 'hard sell"

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  1. Working for a bbq store for many years I would tell you to stay away from Viking. Too many repairs and sharp edges.

    Our best grills were Firemagic and Lynx

    I'd also tell you to stay away from DCS. The grill is good, but if you have a problem there is no satisfaction in getting it repaired. The warranty dealers can't get parts. Not a good company for customer satisfaction.

    Don't buy an all infrared grill, either. If you want infrared, just do a third of the surface.

    I have an old DCS at home and a Firemagic in my vacation home. When my DCS dies I'm out of luck.

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      thank you so much! My husband went to a store where they sell firemagic...we have all of the info on it. We will look into this one!!