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Feb 21, 2008 01:23 PM

(SEA) Who serves pork belly, or even more of the pig?

Hi... I'm trying to find favorite places in Seattle that serve pork belly regularly on the menu. Recommendations?

Also, any places jump to mind that pride themselves on serving lots of the pig - whole pig, unusual parts, etc.?

(Note: Not looking for BBQ joints or low-end Asian restaurants. Nothing against them... I love that kind of food, actually, but looking to compile a list of some different types of places.)


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  1. I've had great pork belly at Lark, Tilth, Brasa, and The Jones Bistro. Unfortunately, all of those places have menus that frequently change. I can't guarantee that they will have pork belly on your next visit.

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      Sitka and Spruce does an amazing pb - like a cloud of lard, if you can imagine - and Matt Dillon really prides himself in the best use of the animal. Again, changing menu, DAILY, so no certainty that you'll get it.

      I concur that Brasa and Lark both treat pork well. Same menu issue.

    2. Monsoon does an incredible pork belly, Chinese red-cooked style. For the month of March, Eric (owner) bought a specialty bred pork called Mangalitsa which is known for it's marbling and quality of flavor in the fat. This is the pig that is served at The French Laundry and comes from Spokane. Among the items he will be serving are (from the press release):
      grilled pork chops, seasoned with five-spice and black bean
      pork shoulder braised in coconut juice
      roasted baby back ribs with ginger and hoisin
      braised and lacquered pork belly

      Also, one of my favorite preparations of pork belly is sui yook, or Cantonese style roast pork belly. All the places in Seattle that do this suck. But get to Parker Place Meats in Richmond, BC for sui yook that rivals some of the best in Hong Kong.

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      1. I had great PB at Cremant, not sure how regularly it's on the menu.

        Really, though, it's hard to swing a stick in Seattle without hitting some yummy pork belly.

        1. Quinn currently serves tete de cochon, if you like fatty pork (head cheese). Harvest Vine regularly has pork belly on the menu (but not always). The braised pork belly at Made in Kitchen if you like that lacquered fatty skin. Hard to find a good crispy skin version around here though (thanks hlodesign for the tip).

          1. I couldn't help but mention that Bamboo Garden, a Sichuan restaurant in Bellevue, serves a dish called "the other parts of a pig", featuring intestine and congealed blood. For further intrepid options, the "wild side" menu also offers kidneys, stomach and intestines cooked in various ways.