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Feb 21, 2008 12:51 PM

Dim Sum Default in Flushing

For a long time, Silver Pond at Main and Booth Memorial was my default first choice for dim sum in Flushing, simply because it was pretty good and I could walk to it from home in five minutes. (A dream come true for a dim sum lover who used to spend 90 minutes or more to schlep down to below Canal Street!) Now that it's closed, soon to be replaced by a Commerce Bank of all things, where would Chowhounds recommend I turn to begin a new exploration of the best dim sum Flushing has to offer?



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  1. Not quite the same topic, but this should get you going. The executive summary is that Ocean Jewels, Jade Asian and Gala Manor are three of several very good choices.

    1. We were in the same position. We'd drive in from CT, free parking at Silver Pond.
      Try Jade, great food, very nice cart ladies, just a little more expensive than SP.

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        Jade Asian has a wider variety of items than Silver Pond ever did, probably because of its size. The $2.00 weekday price for most items makes it cheaper than any other large restaurant without this promotion.Parking is across the street at the municipal lot; bring quarters(except for Sundays) and dollar coins, believe it or not for the munimeter. You'll be pleasantly surprised. If you're interested in free parking, Gala Manor has a lot on 37th Ave and another on Prince St. Overall, I prefer Jade Asian.

      2. Thanks for the pointer to the earlier thread, which was indeed helpful. I was particularly interested to hear that Jade Asian is good. I haven't eaten at that address since Gum Fung left, and I never found Gum Fung to be as satisfying as its predecessor at that location, K. B. Garden, just more expensive, so that's good news. I think I'll also be trying Gala Manor and Guang Zhou at some point.