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Feb 21, 2008 12:31 PM

Vegetarian/Natural Passover Caterer?

I am looking for a caterer to do a seder for 75-90 people. Doesn't have to be kosher, but does have to be 'pesachdik': no grains etc, matza ball soup etc. Here's the kicker, i'd like it to be vegetarian (and delicious). Any thoughts? The vegetarian options we've gotten from delis in the past have been inedible.

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  1. try calling Someone's in the Kitchen... they're reliable and accommodating.

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      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Meg recently catered the Silver Lake Chamber of Commerce Mixer and she did a great job with an all vegetarian menu. Her website gives you a good idea of the variety of dishes she can offer.

          Large Marge Sustainables
          Meg Dickler-Taylor, owner
          2658 Griffith Park Bl. #274
          LA, CA 90039-2520
          email: largemargesustainables@gmail.com

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            she is awesome on the phone and seems like just what I want! I will post back with the results!

            (thank you!)

          2. I just thought I would post here about Large Marge Sustainables. I recently called them about a party and had a tasting yesterday. The food was amazing and Meg couldn't have been more helpful! She did some meat dishes for us as well but the vegetarian dishes were awesome and full of flavor. I can't wait until the actual party!