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Feb 21, 2008 12:29 PM

canuck in ann arbour

I am from Toronto and am spending the weekend in Ann Arbour exploring..and want to check out some great chowhound eating spots...any suggestions? I would like to keep it reasonable in price..I am very multicultural in my tastes...I'll try (and have tried) just about anything...please help...I hope I will try some great spots so that I won't miss Toronto tooo much if I move down there.

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  1. If I were choosing on the basis of food, I'd stay in Toronto! I predict it is the Chinese food you will miss the most. However, here are a few places to get you started. There are plenty of other Ann Arbor threads to check out, too.

    1) Zingerman's, 422 Detroit St. High-priced (for a deli--$12 or $13 for a sandwich) but top-notch sandwiches and other deli and specialty foods. One of very few places in the U.S. to get Montreal Smoked Meat if you so desire. Torontonians have been known to drive down here to shop at this place.

    2) Eve ( Creative slow food from young chef. Spicy and bold, maybe uneven, but IMO the hits are worth the misses. High-end/splurge (at least by Midwestern standards--entrees $25 or $30).

    3) For cheap food, try Middle Eastern. Pita Pita on Washtenaw between Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti is good. Middle Eastern places never have beer, even if owned by non-Muslims. Jerusalem Garden in downtown AA is really cheap and pretty good, if you like being cheek by jowl with other diners.

    4) Any one of the numerous Korean places in the central city may be from good to excellent. Maru, at Thompson and William streets, just opened recently and has been packing them in. All these places are cheap. No booze at these, either.

    5) Try Casey's for a tavern/restaurant frequented by locals. If you smoke, you can also try the Old Town, which will give you some of the flavor of the deeper layers of history in our town.

    6) Try the Le Dog stand on Liberty (or on Main south of Liberty). No seating or anything; excellent soups; lobster bisque on Thursday and Friday. Lunch weekdays only.

    7) It's Ann Arbor you have on your skedule.


    1. If you're here on a weekend, you'll miss Jim's suggestion of Le Dog, but I have a good one for lunch on Saturday. Everyday Lunch in Kerrytown (ask any townie, they'll be able to direct you to Kerrytown). It opens at 11 so get there EARLY. They only do 6 items that change daily, one of which is a soup, one's a vegetarian entree and one a dessert, but it is WELL worth it. It is amazing.

      Your other choices could include Amadeus for Eastern European, Blue Nile for Ethiopian, Cafe Habana for Cuban, all of which are down on Washington but may be a little pricier than what you're looking for. Hmm, what else, Shalimar has a decent Indian buffet. Yeah, all of Jim's suggestions are good, and check the other threads. Don't forget, you're only 30 minutes from Detroit and its suburbs, so there's loads of choices around here.