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Feb 21, 2008 12:28 PM

Drinks/Small Bites Tonight b/w Flatiron & Midtown

Meeting up with an old friend tonight for drinks. She will have eaten, but I'll need to eat something. She's in the Flatiron, I'm in Midtown East. I thought Boqueria would be perfect, except for the insane crowds. Other suggestions for good wine or cocktails and bites at the bar (where we can actually get a seat)? Thanks!

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  1. I was going to suggest Boqueria as well! But the crowds can be insane. La Sala the OTHER tapas joint on 19th St is quite nice, and much more spacious in the back. It's a tight squeeze through the front, but once you're through that, it opens up quite a bit.

    1. Pipa on 19th and Broadway. It gets busy, but is pretty large so you should be able to get a seat.

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            hmm. am i the only person who finds the wines there terrible? service is really nice, but the wines... bleeeaahh!

          2. Sala 19 is so underrated and so good. My fave is the pork tortas (sandwich or something like that) with melted cheese.

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              Sala 19 is the one I called La Sala! It's a great atmosphere, and far enough off the beaten track (i.e. the busier avenues on either side, and the businesses clustered at either end of that block of 19th) that even if it gets crowded, the crowds are not insufferable!