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Feb 21, 2008 12:26 PM

Crumb Buns/Crumb Cake?

I am trying to find a really good bakery in NJ or NY. Growing up I always went to Peter's Bakery in Maplewood (it is no longer there) and used to get these really good crumb buns.
Entenmann's makes a crumb cake...but I'm trying to find the real deal from a bakery.

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  1. for crumb cake in the ny/nj area the best -by far- is B&W bakery in hackensack (614 main street)-----its the real deal.

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      The last really good crumb bun I had was from a bakery in Westchester that seemingly changed their formula, and now they're blech.

      Does Galloways in Scarsdale make crumb buns?

      I make my own crumb cake, so this isn't something I'm really interested in getting from a bakery.

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        kme27 and ekdd,

        I would agree B &W is well regarded and quite possibly the best Coffee Crumb Cake available from Northern New Jersey Bakeries. The crumb topping is amazing and bountiful.

        If you grew up eating Entenmann's or Drake's, those are two items whose lower cake portion is actually cake. The B & W version is drier, not as soft and resembles something closer to sweet bread, in my's different, but very good.

      2. Another vote for B&W. The cake part is just the vehicle by which to get the crumb part into your mouth. It is a family favorite, and one we often bring with us when we visit family outside the area. It also survives FEDEX shipping unscathed.

        1. B&W is definitely the best.....a tip, though, make sure you don't buy individual (single serving) pieces; it's not the same! We made that mistake one day, and were really disappointed. There was just a very thin layer of crumbs and the cake seemed drier and much thicker.
          You have to buy a whole piece; it's about 8x10". The middle pieces are especially loaded with crumbs -- though they are a little strict about not letting you choose the piece you want! They claim that they are "all middles." I guess they use pans without edges ;)

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            A full baking sheet pan which is used to bake the Coffee Cakes @ B & W are:

            24" x 18" in measurement.

            B & W , I believe scores the cut down the middle @ 9 inches and cuts across the pan two times @ 8 inches increments to yield 6 pieces per pan. I do not believe they cut @ 6 inches across for 8 pieces total. I recall the cakes being more square in shape than rectangular, 8x9 as opposed to 6x9. Four corners and two middles. I would naturally defer to others who know better.

          2. I too would vote for B&W in Hackensack, it was the best I ever had until I started making my own, everyone tells me it's the best they ever had even better than B&W! I KNOW I can't believe it! trying to get a business started!! "Just Crumbs", it's the best

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              please, can I have the e-mail address or how to contact B&W bakery. I live in California and would die for a New York style crumb bun.

              1. re: woles

                I don't think they have a website, but here is their address and telephone number.

                B & W Bakery
                614 Main Street
                Hackensack, NJ 07601-5913
                (201) 342-5577

                1. re: fourunder

                  B&W do not deliver, I'm out of luck. My quest goes on

            2. My favorite crumb cake is from a bakery in Hoboken, "City Hall Bakery" I think is the name (across from city hall on Washington St. Haven't been there in a few years but the cake is a yeast cake rather thin with a very thick layer of crumb on top. I've had B&W's which is good but I find this one has better crumb. To each their own.

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                That is now the home of Carlo's Bakery..AKA The Cake Boss