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Feb 21, 2008 12:13 PM

The Waffle? Across from The Bowery

Was at the Bowery last night (decent, but not outrageously great, although the burgers at the next table looked nice, so maybe I just ordered wrong.)

Anyway, across the street was something called "The Waffle"

(This is all on Sunset, just east of Vine)

I had to rush to the AFI screening of "Cabaret" so I never found out what it is. Our server at the Bowery said it was brand new and she didn't know either.

It's in the ground floor of the office building there, next to Coffee Bean.

Is it fast waffles? A trendy spot? A chain? I looked on Yelp and did a few URL searches and came up with nothing.

Anyone ??

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  1. There was a mention of it here --
    scroll down to find the article and sample menu.

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    1. re: missy85

      Here's a direct link:

      22 hours a day, waffles and creative-diner fare. Supposed to open today, 2/21.