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Feb 21, 2008 12:11 PM

Cafe Demetrio Coral Gables - Opinion for breakfast

I want to take a friend for breakfast to a nice scenic place for breakfast in the Gables. Any suggestions or is this place good.


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  1. I actually have never made it there for breakfast, though I have intended many times. A lot of people like it but I've never heard it be considered anything special. Biltmore has a little place by the golf course that has a nice view.

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    1. re: Icantread

      Is it at the Biltmore or by the Biltmore. Do you have the name or address?

      1. re: lynus

        It's in the biltmore and when you park you just go straight through the back. I think it's part of the golf. 19th Hole according to their website:
        My boss took me there once and I remember thinking, "oh this is nice, and no one knows about it."
        Really, all their locations are very nice and somewhat scenic, though I've never been particularly impressed by their food.

      2. re: Icantread

        i've been to cafe demetrio and i agree that it's nice, but not special. there is a good bargain breakfast available, but that's probably not what you want.

        1. re: miami nguyen

          I am looking for scenery. My friend is deaf and I heard it had a nice courtyard. Biltmore is probably out of my league even for breakfast. Place where we can sign (talk) without being starred at.

          1. re: lynus

            Haha, that's funny. I sign too, and I was signing with some friends just today at Cafe Demetrio. The food isn't anything to write home about (although I didn't have breakfast). It's just a good place to chill, chat, have coffee, play chess, and listen to music (if he wears hearing aids). It's a pleasant place to relax outdoors under the shade. That alone puts it above Starbucks for me.

            When are you planning to go?

      3. Cafe Demetrio serves a good breakfast and it's okay on scenery. The courtyard is small and cozy so it may be good for your purposes. If you prefer to see a little more movement, people walking about, you may want to try a couple of places in Coconut Grove. My personal favorite is Le Bouchon du Grove.