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Feb 21, 2008 12:09 PM

Georgia's Patisserie UWS

has anyone been? The few reviews I've found only speak of lousy service.
89th & Bway

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  1. I had their greek salad their once, it was tasty. The service wasn't fabulous, but it was okay. I had their takeout cappucinos once which were quite good as well. Haven't tried the pastries or sandwiches.

    1. I think the place is fantastic...and I always found the service genial if a little bit incompetent. It's worth it for the pastries. What I really liked about the place is that nothing had that sameness taste that all the other places have (like everything was made in the same industrial kitchen in South Jersey and trucked to NYC). When I worked nearby it was one of my favorite places to go for lunch.

      1. It's true that service is a bit slow. But the pastries and desserts are quite good. It's about 85% as good as Patisserie Claude, my favorite bakery in the city.

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          As a place to buy, say, a gorgeous and delicious (and pricey) torte, its great. As a cafe, its the pits. If your thing is a clamorous room full of shrieking babies, and a soup de jour of chicken noodle - everyday!, then this place is for you. The staff don't even know how to press a sandwich. They, and apparently the owner, don't have a clue about panini or coffee or about cafe culture in general. To stay is strictly for schleppers; to go, divine.