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Hot Dogs in Eastern PA

Everytime I'm driving through Allentown, I stop at Yocco's, but my hot dog knowledge of other parts of eastern Pennsylvania is woefully limited. Little help..?

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  1. Never been there but Jimmy John's outside of West Chester is pretty famous for their dogs....

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      Try the hot dog page here: hollyeats.com

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        Jimmy John's was an institution when I was a little kid (in the 70s). As recently as the 90s, it had been in the same families for forever. And they have model trains there! Definitely worth a trip - the only downside is that Betty's Ice Cream, which used to be next door, is no longer.

      2. Being from Philly, i remember some of the great Hot Dog shops around the Great Northeast including Lenny's and Levis. Both were great, and for the most part, all gone. However, there is a Lenny's (not original) , on Street Raod close to Bustleton Ave. ina little strip mall. It features Lenny's Famous Combo (Hotdog, Crab Cake (I believe) and Pepper Hash). It's fantastic and a real belly buster.

        1. Johnny's Dog House in Wayne is pretty good

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            Second that. And they give you a free beer on Tuesdays! No kidding!

          2. Tony Luke's in South Philly! Thier Texas Tommy is Something.

            1. Try the Texas Hots at Montgomery Lunch in Norristown.


              1. Suggest you drive east across the bridge from Easton to Phillipsburg and sample the dogs at Toby's Cup. It's in the WESTbound lane of Route 22.


                1. jimmy john's is #1!!!!!!!!!!!! very kid friendly with the trains. Extra free toppings (kraut, onion, relish, etc.) You can get skin on or off, I go for the skin on - -- juicy pop when you bite in. Plus, just a fun simple 50's style spot. You'll want a drive-in movie afterwards

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                    There used to be one (a drive-in) almost exactly across Route 202. I think it closed in the 80s. I'm a little sketchy on the late 80s, though.

                  2. you have to cook them yourself, but the hot dogs from Halteman's in the Reading Terminal Market are incredible, great flavor and snap!

                    1. Well the Northeastern tip of Pa. ...in Matamoras Pa. Rt. 6... just off I-84.
                      Gotta check out "Cat's Inceredible Dogs".
                      They use all-beef Sabrett hot dogs either grilled or steamed with over 30 toppings.
                      (some of the toppings are quite insane)


                      1. Scranton area has lots of "Texas Weiner" style hot dog joints.

                        Also Easton has its own style of hot dogs that they call "mop dogs" which usually involves a pickle. Again Hollyeats.com is the best source of information on this (especially the mop dogs)

                        Charlie's Pool Room, across the river from Easton is Alpha, NJ is worth visiting (also on Holly's site)

                        1. John's Doggie Shop on Chichester Highway in Boothwyn, Delaware County, has been selling the best hot dogs for more than 50 years.