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Feb 21, 2008 11:50 AM

Hot Dogs in Eastern PA

Everytime I'm driving through Allentown, I stop at Yocco's, but my hot dog knowledge of other parts of eastern Pennsylvania is woefully limited. Little help..?

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  1. Never been there but Jimmy John's outside of West Chester is pretty famous for their dogs....

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      Try the hot dog page here:

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        Jimmy John's was an institution when I was a little kid (in the 70s). As recently as the 90s, it had been in the same families for forever. And they have model trains there! Definitely worth a trip - the only downside is that Betty's Ice Cream, which used to be next door, is no longer.

      2. Being from Philly, i remember some of the great Hot Dog shops around the Great Northeast including Lenny's and Levis. Both were great, and for the most part, all gone. However, there is a Lenny's (not original) , on Street Raod close to Bustleton Ave. ina little strip mall. It features Lenny's Famous Combo (Hotdog, Crab Cake (I believe) and Pepper Hash). It's fantastic and a real belly buster.

        1. Johnny's Dog House in Wayne is pretty good

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            Second that. And they give you a free beer on Tuesdays! No kidding!

          2. Tony Luke's in South Philly! Thier Texas Tommy is Something.

            1. Try the Texas Hots at Montgomery Lunch in Norristown.